Creative Destruction – Directing Democracy:


My Case For Direct Democracy

My thoughts are, if we can get behind one sound, decent idea, we can’t be stopped !

My freedom loving, anarchical heart, makes the case for Direct Democracy, because it’s an achievable transition to self governance and a means to decentralize the present power base. Ultimately we are all self governed, when we come together in congregation for whatever reasoning, outside of special circumstances, it is natural that the majority rules, try stopping them. Those special circumstances, involving choice and cases of life and death need a voluntarist type touch, and should at some point be afforded just that, but we will by no means reach a state of voluntarism, while being ruled over by .1 percent.

First off, I’ll say we are practicing a worldwide Direct Democracy, all day everyday online through our likes and dislikes, comments and lack there of. Keep it real, they’re listening, watching and collecting the data that is your direct response to their actions or lack there of.  When you speak up, even their stock markets respond.  Imagine what a concrete model could create ?

Direct Democracy promises to eliminate corruption, dismantle the two-party system, and return power to the people!

When the people have the power, we can direct our governance, education, quality of our lives as we aspire. Today the two parties act as one, for the benefit of the corporate model, behind a smoke screen of polarizing dissent. Radical change under the two party monopoly was electing Obama, our first black president. The new radical change, will be electing our first woman, Hillary of course and if there is not enough support for her, we will be thrown the bone of Rand Paul and an Audit of the FED. Rand is not his father and I wouldn’t trust the auditors of the FED. So, I reject our unseen plutocracies rigged radical change, as more of the same manipulative madness. I instead propose a change in the broken, obsolete system, that is so corrupted, that it has even legislated itself the right to lie, to it’s American constituency and called it spin. What more reason would I need to deduct, that We the People, need get the middle man and his infinite financing out of government.

Today we are governed, not by consent, but ruled by the assumption of consent and out right force or fear of force. An informed public is needed for Democracy to flourish and break loose from this fraudulent grip of fear. I propose that we inform each other and take the reigns of our own futures and generations to come, by excluding the middleman structured in our governance.

I could go on and on, but would rather you checked the video and did your own research, discerning and thinking for yourself.

Direct Democracy Party Info

How technology can enable everyday democracy :

Ben Knight is part of a cooperative social enterprise building Loomio, an online tool for collaborative decision-making being used by thousands of people in more than 20 countries. Ben will be picking through ideas around how technology can enable everyday democracy.


Solutions: The Peer-to-Peer Economy

Creative Destruction or Destructive Creation

Very simply put, united we can shape a better quality of existence for all, by coming together and directing or spending. The like minded spending together, to direct and fashion the growth of our society and a better quality of life for all.

As we find ourselves once again, in another cycle of destruction, fostered, and manufactured out of the malfeasance or careful planning of a very few, I’m suggesting we hijack from that very few’s destruction, the creation of a new value system and thus the motivation and shape of the new reality an actually civil-civilization, just by changing what and how we value.

I link to a 30 sec video, ‘PREVIEW: Moving Your Money’ via Michael Shuman, an article from ‘Innovate Excellence, called ‘Creative Destruction or Destructive Creation?’ and a corbettreport video named ‘Millionaires for Carbon Control!’

My expressed purpose being to remind you that we, the like minded can Re-hijack, Re-occupy and stop the very few elite from dictating the quality of life achieved and afforded to us and our generations to come.

Moving Your Money

How many people do we have to reach? The magic number needed to enact significant social change according to social psychology research is 10% . That means we have a short window to head off any further centralization of power worldwide.

Solution Tryee Scot

Creative Destruction or Destructive Creation?

Creative Destruction or Destructive Creation?We have been entering some perilous times recently and I can’t imagine when Joseph Schrumpter outlined his groundbreaking efforts for explaining “creative destruction” he or anyone else, could image this being flipped around to what we are facing more today, that of “destructive creation”.

Schrumpeter saw “creative destruction” as the renewing, through new innovation, society’s dynamics that would lead into higher levels of economic development and welfare. At the same time recognizing that this destroyed a few of the incumbents to the benefits of many more newcomers and increasing value creation for broader society.

Today it seems we are caught in the reverse of this- the process of “destructive creation”- where it benefits a few rather than the many. This sets out often to destroy or greatly diminish the usage value of existing products and services before it is optimal to actually do so, and in the process incurring often significant costs not taken into account at the time. These unforeseen issues have consequences that negatively affect parts of society not foreseen or contemplated at the time.

The shift has placed the emphasis on the role of destruction rather than creation in driving innovation activity. This is getting uncomfortable, innovation then becomes not so good for you perhaps? This is becoming the game for a few to make money, to corner markets, to dominate and wanting to achieve monopolistic positions and not so worried over the wealth creation aspects of creating jobs, building communities, cherishing certain values. We need to be on guard in understanding the fundamentals within innovation as it should advance for the good of society, not be actually working to its detriment. Actually who is benefiting from the distribution of new wealth? The developed world is seeking desperately ways to regain growth but it needs to be more equitable, not in the hands of a few that determine our choices but increasingly seem unaccountable for their actions.

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Millionaires for Carbon Control! – #NewWorldNextWeek

Published on Jan 22, 2015

Welcome to New World Next Week — the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news.

!  !  !  A  A  AGrowing own food printing money

Solutions: Guerrilla Gardening

The problems are obvious: food safety scandals, the death of family farming, food supply insecurity, the revolving door between corporate lobbyists and government regulators, and many more. The soluion should be equally obvious: rolling up our sleeves and getting in the garden. Join us today as we explore this simple, natural solution to one of our most fundamental problems.

Bonus Material >> START HERE, Best-Kept Secret:

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