Americans Renouncing Citizenship:

Stateless Citizens: Americans renouncing citizenship

Stateless Citizens: Americans renounce citizenship over ‘unfair’ taxation & policies

More Americans Than Ever Are Renouncing Their Citizenship

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More Americans are deciding that they’d rather give up their citizenship than pay more taxes.

The Wall Street Journal reports that 2013 has already set a new record for “expatriations,” defined as citizens renouncing their citizenship or permanent residents giving back their green cards. The Journal quotes tax lawyer Andrew Mitchel, who found that there have been 2,369 expatriations as of the end of the third quarter; that’s an increase of 33 percent over all of 2011, the previous record-holder.

Expatriations are typically motivated by a desire to escape taxes, and the move is usually undertaken by Americans already living abroad. There was an uptick in expatriation at the beginning of President Obama’s first term, which has been attributed both to anticipation of more burdensome taxation policies and to increased tax enforcement against expatriates. Indeed, the Journal notes that those who renounced last year may have done so to avoid a higher capital gains tax, and also points to the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act, which makes it tougher for Americans to hide assets in offshore accounts.

So would you renounce your citizenship just to get out of paying taxes? We put that question to our readers on Facebook, and it proved to be a divisive issue.

“To take advantage of the US’s public services, structure and opportunities and then shirk on taxes to me is not right,” said one reader, Matt Gardner. But another, Jim Marrion, put family over country: “to protect everything that I have worked for to prepare for me and my family’s future — YES,” he wrote.

What do you think? Let us know in the comments.

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Ashamed to be American? Ex-patriots give up on US

Transhumanism Agenda… A World of Cyborgs & Robotics

Transhuman Agenda... A World of Cyborgs & Robotics

The Ruling Elites attempt to remove everything that makes humanity human and usher in a Brave New World.

Transhumanism knocking on your door

Published on 29 Mar 2014

Breaking the Set’s Manuel Rapalo speaks with theoretical physicist, Michio Kaku, about his latest book ‘The Future of the Mind’ discussing a the how realistic it would be to digitally upload memories and consciousness, and why we’re living in the ‘Golden Age’ of studying the human mind.

TRANSHUMAN: Quantum Computing to Grant Immortality by 2035

The Future of Brain Implants

What would you give for a retinal chip that let you see in the dark or for a next-generation cochlear implant that let you hear any conversation in a noisy restaurant, no matter how loud? Or for a memory chip, wired directly into your brain’s hippocampus, that gave you perfect recall of everything you read? Or for an implanted interface with the Internet that automatically translated a clearly articulated silent thought (“the French sun king”) into an online search that digested the relevant Wikipedia page and projected a summary directly into your brain?


High power militar robotic exoskeleton

Nov 26, 2007
A demostration of a Robotic Exoskeleton Prototype, for militar use.

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Signs of The Times,

Quantum Supremacy & AI, with Stephen Fry


How Quantum AI could help you live to 200, like a bowhead whale. Google’s quantum supremacy news opens exciting doors. A quantum computer completed a task in 200 seconds that would take 10,000 years on today’s fastest supercomputer.

The Great Debate:

Spirituality Hali Salassi

Brilliant Sara suten seti takes back the concept of God so you can put forth a proper concept of the ALL, and discern and define truth from fiction for self.

Everything isn’t for everybody, I only recommend this for those souls, who already enjoy a life of defining fact from fiction and concepts of the sort for themselves, outside of labels of indoctrination, racial infliction’s, myths and fantasy.

Sara suten seti black woman is god PART 1

Sara suten seti black woman is god PART 2

“We must think of who we are in relationship to the earth..The earth has the ability to heal and the earth has the ability to help us..The earth is power. We’re looking to the wrong source for our power. The more we look to the wrong source, the more powerless we become.” ~ John Trudell


Kemet & Maat : before Judaism, Christianity and Islam


Semitic languages

1st millennium BC

9th century Syriac manuscript

In the 1st millennium BC, the alphabet spread much further, giving us a picture not just of Canaanite, but also of Aramaic, Old South Arabian, and early Ge’ez. During this period, the case system, once vigorous in Ugaritic, seems to have started decaying in Northwest Semitic. Phoenician colonies (such as Carthage) spread their Canaanite language throughout much of the Mediterranean, while its close relative, Hebrew, became the vehicle of a religious literature, the Torah and Tanakh, that would have global ramifications. However, as an ironic result of the Assyrian Empire’s vast conquests, Aramaic became the lingua franca of the Fertile Crescent and much of the Near East and parts of Asia Minor, gradually pushing Akkadian, Hebrew, PhoenicianCanaanite, and several other languages to extinction, although Hebrew and Akkadian remained in use as liturgical languages, Hebrew in particular developing a substantial literature. Ethiopian Semitic is attested by the 9th century BC, with the earliest proto-Ge’ez inscriptions of the kingdom of D’mt using the South Arabian alphabet.[15]

Common Era (AD)

Page from a 12th-century Qur’an in Arabic

Syriac, an Assyrian Mesopotamian descendant of Aramaic used in North Eastern Syria, Assyria (Assuristan) and Mesopotamia, rose to importance as a literary language of early Christianity in the 3rd to 5th centuries and continued into the early Arab Islamic era.

With the emergence of Islam in the 7th century, the ascendancy of Aramaic was dealt a fatal blow by the Arab conquests, which made another Semitic language — Arabic — the official language of an empire stretching from Spain to Central Asia.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia read more:


The Dangers of Religion: Seeking MA’AT in Our Lives – Dr. Ray Hagins

Presentation by Dr. Ray Hagins, Chief Elder and spiritual leader of THE AFRICAN VILLAGE and a former Pastor in The Church of God and Christ. This event was held at the Molefi Kete Institute in Philadelphia, Pa. on October 23, 2015.

7 Basic Principles of Kemetic (Ancient Egyptian) Spirituality

The Council That Created Jesus Christ,Ray Hagins PhD – The 1st Creed of Nicea 325_AD.mp4

KRS-One – The Power Of Future – All Seven Lessons


Omec, Moor, Indigenous Negroids ~

Omec, Moor

Indigenous Negroids

The Origin

When the enormous monoliths were unearthed from Mexico, the sculptured images that were carved to form a 24-foot ton head from a single mass of basalt rock had been discovered. No one suspected this mysterious part of a civilization that only seems to have vanished. At the cultural paradox of this civilization – La Venta, eighteen miles from the Gulf of Mexico, four colossal heads were unearthed. The monoliths had been carbon dated. The results of carbon 14 testing of the stone heads found in Mexico caused a startling uproar amongst the archeological circles. Various additional testing were performed, however the earliest date that carbon 14 testing came up with regarding the stone images was the year 291 B.C. As more diggings were performed in Middle America, larger heads were discovered (24 tons – average sum of the weight). The new discoveries were even more mysterious for the colossal heads continued to turn up even earlier dates. Four heads in all were excavated at the city of La Venta with the largest head standing nine feet tall. Ancient Middle America civilization or ‘Meso-America’ antiquity is divided into three epochs: Archaic (before Christ), Classic (during the first thousands years A.D), and Post Classic (from one thousand A.D to the Spanish Conquest).

The monoliths of La Venta was dated and placed in the Archaic period which proved the existence of a civilization in Meso-America thousands of years before organized monotheistic religions. Perhaps more staggering than the result of the carbon dating of these stone figures is the apparent construction and proportions of the monoliths. According to archeological circles, the statues were constructed from one massive chunk of basalt block mined from stone quarries eighty miles away and transported to the center of La Venta with a sum weight of 20 to 40 tons each. It seems that the stones were rolled across vast tracts of land or transported down river on wooden rafts, however, presenting somewhat of an ill-logical and even incomprehensible method of material transportation. These monoliths proved to be only elementary in cultural archeology. At present, between 25 and 40 archaic period Meso-American sites have been discovered. The majority of these finds have occurred in the state of Veracruz which totals 246 recorded pieces with over 180 sculptures, alters, and stone heads. In regards to the monolith stone heads, they are representations of supernatural or super humanoid beings as the earliest civilization of ancient America. The revelation of this hidden civilization reconstructed the indigenous history that has now been extended to reveal a hidden past. It is apparent that the archaic period preceded even some of the great civilizations of the east (900-400 B.C).
Read more:

UNTOLD BLACK HISTORY: “Blacks” were the 1st Americans pt.1

UNTOLD BLACK HISTORY: The Moors & Myths Surrounding The Slavery Holocaust pt.2N

The First Barbary War

When Thomas Jefferson was inaugurated in March of 1801, he inherited troubled relations with the Barbary states — the Ottoman Regencies of Algiers, Tunis, and Tripoli, along with independent Morocco. The United States had treaties with all four, but tension was high and rising.

In 1784 Congress had appointed Jefferson, John Adams and Benjamin Franklin as peace commissioners to negotiate treaties of amity and commerce with the principal states of Europe and the Mediterranean — including the Barbary states. Already in Europe, the commissioners quickly learned that the Europeans made peace with the Barbary powers through treaties that involved annual payments of tribute — sometimes euphemistically called annuities. The merchant vessels of any country without such a treaty were at the mercy of the state-sponsored maritime marauders known as corsairs, sometimes mislabeled pirates.[3] The commissioners reported this to Congress and sought guidance.

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Moroccan Treaty of Peace and Friendship between the United States and the Moors

Treaty of Peace and Friendship, with additional article; also Ship-Signals Agreement. The treaty was sealed at Morocco with the seal of the Emperor of Morocco June 23, 1786 (25 Shaban, A. H. 1200), and delivered to Thomas Barclay, American Agent, June 28, 1786 (1 Ramadan, A. H. 1200). Original in Arabic. The additional article was signed and sealed at Morocco on behalf of Morocco July 15, 1786 (18 Ramadan, A. H. 1200). Original in Arabic. The Ship-Signals Agreement was signed at Morocco July 6, 1786 (9 Ramadan, A. H. 1200). Original in English.

Certified English translations of the treaty and of the additional article were incorporated in a document signed and sealed by the Ministers Plenipotentiary of the United States, Thomas Jefferson at Paris January 1, 1787, and John Adams at London January 25, 1787.

Treaty and additional article ratified by the United States July 18, 1787. As to the ratification generally, see the notes. Treaty and additional article proclaimed July 18, 1787.

Ship-Signals Agreement not specifically included in the ratification and not proclaimed; but copies ordered by Congress July 23, 1787, to be sent to the Executives of the States (Secret Journals of Congress, IV, 869; but see the notes as to this reference).

[Certified Translation of the Treaty and of the Additional Article, with Approval by Jefferson and Adams)


Black’s Law

Sinister Programing:

Sinister Programing:

Media Disinformation and the Framing of the Syrian War

Published on Dec 18, 2013

Months after the events took place, Pulitzer prize winning journalists and others are finally reporting about the lies and manipulations of the US government regarding the recent chemical weapons attack in Syria. Far from shining a light on the true situation in the country, however, these reports continue to avoid the underlying causes and explanations for what is happening in Syria, and the forces that are behind it. This is the GRTV Backgrounder on Global Research TV.

The CIA and the Washington Post

December 18, 2013

News media should illuminate conflicts of interest, not embody them. But the owner of the Washington Post is now doing big business with the Central Intelligence Agency, while readers of the newspaper’s CIA coverage are left in the dark.

The Post’s new owner, Jeff Bezos, is the founder and CEO of Amazon — which recently landed a $600 million contract with the CIA. But the Post’s articles about the CIA are not disclosing that the newspaper’s sole owner is the main owner of CIA business partner Amazon.

Even for a multi-billionaire like Bezos, a $600 million contract is a big deal. That’s more than twice as much as Bezos paid to buy the Post four months ago.


Jewish Journalists should think of themselves as members of Israeli Army?!



Published on Dec 18, 2013

And MORE examples of this notion of what Jewish journalists should or do think their journalism role is. See links: http://representativepress.blogspot.c…

“So contrary to the arguments of some, there are indeed people with an agenda, not only the above example of Thomas Friedman: “Uzi Safanov, a writer at the Seawanhaka newspaper of Long Island University in New York, agreed. I’m a Jew before being a journalist, before someone pays me to write,” he said. “If I find a negative thing about Israel, I will not print it and I will sink into why did it happen and what can I do to change it.” Safanov said that even if he eventually wrote about negative incidents that happen in Israel, he would try to find the way “to shift the blame.”” – Jewish journalists grapple with ‘doing the write thing'”

See video: What Nelson Mandela Said About Israel…

BLACK DEATH IN 2013, IT”S BACK 2017 -updated



Bubonic plague

Bubonic plague is something many people in the west associate with the past. It was a disease that killed thousands of people in the Middle Ages, mainly in the 14th and 17th centuries. However, bubonic plague is still a problem in 2013, with 39 people currently dead from the disease in Madagascar.

This is not a new thing. Last year, there were 256 cases of the plague around the African island. From that, 60 people died. This is a higher rate than any other country, and is considered a big problem.


The last time the Western World saw this disease spread and become a major concern was in the 19th century. However, it has also been seen in the 14th and 17th centuries and was known as the Black Death due to the symptoms and number of people that died. Mass graves were dug because so many families fell victim and died. Red crosses were placed on doors of the homes with the plague, so the public were warned to stay away.

It is now known that the plague spread due to vermin, especially rats, which seems to be the case for Madagascar. Many of the prisons on the island are full of rats, especially the 3,000-inmate facility, Antanimora. The Red Cross warned that the facilities and overcrowding could lead to an outbreak across the whole country. Visitors and prison officers ran the risk of catching the disease, and would spread it to the world outside of the prison walls.

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What They’re NOT Telling You About The Black Death Plague

Published on Nov 1, 2017




Early outbreaks

Bubonic plague victims in a mass grave from 1720–1721 in Martigues, France
From a series of images showing the areas in Sydney, Australia, affected by the outbreak of Bubonic Plague in 1900. Taken by Mr. John Degotardi, Jr., photographer from the Department of Public Works, the images depict the state of the houses and ‘slum’ buildings at the time of the outbreak and the cleansing and disinfecting operations which followed.
Main articles: Plague of Justinian, Black Death, and Third plague pandemic

The first recorded epidemic ravaged the Byzantine Empire during the sixth century, and was named the Plague of Justinian after emperor Justinian I, who was infected but survived through extensive treatment.[9][10] The epidemic is estimated to have killed approximately 50 million people in the Roman Empire alone.[11] The historian Procopius wrote, in Volume II of History of the Wars, his encounter with the plague and the effect it had on the rising empire. In the spring of 542, the plague arrived in Constantinople, working its way from port city to port city and spreading through the Mediterranean, later migrating inland eastward into Asia Minor and west into Greece and Italy. Because the infectious disease spread inland by the transferring of merchandise through Justinian’s efforts in acquiring luxurious goods of the time and exporting supplies, his capital became the leading exporter of the bubonic plague. Procopius, in his work Secret History, declared that Justinian was a demon of an emperor who either created the plague himself or was being punished for his sinfulness.[11]

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Madagascar bubonic plague warning

10 October 2013

The International Committee of the Red Cross has warned that bubonic plague is still a threat in many parts of the world.

Last year more cases were registered in Madagascar than anywhere else.

The ICRC is joining forces with the Pasteur Institute to try to eradicate the disease.

Black Death
Main article: Black Death

In the Late Middle Ages (1340–1400) Europe experienced the most deadly disease outbreak in history when the Black Death, the infamous pandemic of bubonic plague, hit in 1347, killing a third of the human population. It is believed that society subsequently became more violent as the mass mortality rate cheapened life and thus increased warfare, crime, popular revolt, waves of flagellants, and persecution.[12] The Black Death originated in or near China and spread from Italy and then throughout other European countries. Arab historians, Ibn Al-Wardni and Almaqrizi believed that origins of the Black Death started off in Mongolia. Later, it was proven that their thesis was correct, as Chinese records showed that the disease made a huge outbreak in Mongolia in the early 1330s.[13] Research published in 2002 suggests that it began in the spring of 1346 in the steppe region, where a plague reservoir stretches from the northwestern shore of the Caspian Sea into southern Russia. The Mongols had cut off the trade route, the Silk Road, between China and Europe which halted the spread of the Black Death from eastern Russia to Western Europe. The epidemic began with an attack that Mongols launched on the Italian merchant’s last trading station in the region, Caffa in the Crimea.[14] In the autumn of 1346, plague broke out among the besiegers and from them penetrated into the town. When spring arrived, the Italian merchants fled on their ships, unknowingly carrying the Black Death. Carried by the fleas on rats, the plague initially spread to humans near the Black Sea and then outwards to the rest of Europe as a result of people fleeing from one area to another.

There were many ethno-medical beliefs of prevention methods for avoiding the Black Death. One of the most famous ideas was that by walking around with flowers in or around their nose people would be able to “ward off the stench and perhaps the evil that afflicted them. Since the people didn’t have the knowledge to understand the plague, people believed the plague to be a punishment from God. The only way to be rid of the plague was to be forgiven by God.[15] One such method used was to carve the symbol of the cross onto the front door of a house with the words “Lord have mercy on us” near it.


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Bubonic plague killed 20 villagers in Madagascar, health experts confirm

Once feared as the Black Death – the rodent-borne disease that wiped out a third of the world’s population in the Middle Ages – bubonic plague has killed 20 villagers in Madagascar in one of the worst outbreaks globally in recent years, health experts have confirmed.

The confirmation that bubonic plague was responsible for the deaths last week near the north-western town of Mandritsara follows a warning in October from the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) that the island nation was at risk of a plague epidemic.


Open Sourcing Everything !

Open Sourcing Everything !

Open World: The Open Sourcing of Everything

Essentially, open source software is software that allows users to inspect, change and share the source code of the program. Instead of passive consumers of a program, users become part of a community to which they can choose to contribute if they are capable and inclined. The difference from everyday consumer culture, where shoppers simply line up to buy products that are already in their final form, and it is almost never expected that shoppers will actually try to open up or modify those products.


BI V2.0 – A self-replicating, high precision 3D Printer

by Jean Le Bouthillier

Multiple Scientists Confirm The Reality of Free Energy – Here’s The Proof


Open Source and Free-Sharing a Sustainable Solution Creating Model

What we are capable of as a species is, in our opinion, much greater than what we have already accomplished, and One Community is purposed to create a path to achieving what we believe will be the next great step in the ever evolving human story: global sustainability and improved happiness. To accomplish this, we are creating several non-profit “model solution” village infrastructure templates that will be defined by their ability to self-replicate all over the world as additional solution creating teacher and demonstration communities, villages, and cities.

These teacher/demonstration communities, villages, and cities will be affordable, applicable and implementable across a diversity of cultures, easily accessible, a combination of eco sustainable infrastructure solutions and fulfilled living, open sourced and free-shared so that people with average knowledge and little or no experience can duplicate them, and marketed to expose enough people so that duplication by others will begin and exponentially expand implementation of this model around the world. As the first open source village of this kind, One Community is the sustainability non-profit think-tank creating the necessary non-profit green building systems people need to start this process and lead to transformation of life as we know it on this planet.

Lets do the math:

Global Capitalism March 2014 Monthy Update;

Arduino, Open Source Hardware and Learning by Doing

University and Cyberspace: Reshaping Knowledge Institutions for the Networked Age
Massimo Banzi,,

TEDxYYC – Steve Fisher – Open Sourced Future

Steve Fisher discusses “Open Sourced Future” at TEDxYYC 2011.

Steve is an internationally renowned interactive designer, speaker and open source evangelist. He has worked for companies in Edmonton, Vancouver and Chicago and travels North America talking about design, user experience and open source. Currently Steve is working as the UX Director for Yellow Pencil, serves as the national web design chair for the Society of Graphic Designers of Canada and can be found hanging out with some of the core teams contributing to open source projects like Drupal.