How to design & code a modern website [free courses on JavaScript & CSS]

Here are this week’s five links that are worth your time:

Quincy Larson quincy@freecodecamp.orgThu, Jan 14, 9:07 PM

1. In this course, Jessica will teach you how to design and code a modern website step-by-step. You’ll use CSS Grid, Flexbox, JavaScript, HTML5, and responsive web design principles. (5 hour YouTube course):

2. How one musician’s training and years of playing an instrument helped her when she embarked on learning to code. (7 minute read):

3. Learn to build 12 data science apps using Python and a new tool called Streamlit. A university professor will walk you through each of these apps one-by-one, including deployment to the cloud. You’ll build a bioinformatics app, a stock price tracker, and even a penguin classifier. (3 hour YouTube course):

4. Eduardo was working odd jobs overseas. But he wasn’t happy with his career. In this article he shares how he used freeCodeCamp to learn web development, got a well-paying developer job, and was able to move his family back to his home country. (12 minute read):

5. Tech talks are a great way to top-up your developer knowledge. And freeCodeCamp has a second YouTube channel where we publish new talks each week from conferences around the world. Here are 10 tech talks I personally recommend you watch during your lunch breaks. (browsable list):

Quote of the Week: “Security is always excessive until it’s not enough.” – Robbie Sinclair
I hope you’re learning a lot from these coding resources I share each week. If you want to aid our nonprofit’s mission, you can join the 6,802 kind people who support freeCodeCamp each month. Start donating today:

Happy coding.

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