Global Capitalism Solutions: 2014 Monthly Update

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Global Capitalism: December 2014 Monthly Update

Wednesday, December 10, 2014 at 7:30pm

“The Economics of Facing Reality” Judson Memorial Church Assembly Hall 239 Thompson Street at Washington Square, Manhattan

Global Capitalism: September 2014 Monthly Update

Published on Sep 11, 2014

We are proud to announce that Democracy at Work is partnering with the Left Forum and Judson Memorial Church to continue the Monthly Economic Update lecture series.

These evening lectures begin with brief updates and analyses of major economic events over the last month.

Noam Chomsky on America Beyond Capitalism and Gar Alperovitz 1

Global Capitalism March 2014 Monthy Update

Global Capitalism: December 2013 Monthly Update

Global Capitalism: November 2013 Monthly Update

Published on Nov 12, 2013

In addition to our usual shorter updates on major economic events in the news over the last month, major attention will be devoted to the following:
The federal government’s austerity policy, compromises with the Republicans over social security, medicare, Obamacare, etc.
The state and local governments’ austerity policies (summary of a major new report on state and local cutbacks)
How and why changes in federal, state and local taxes could remove the need for austerity and achieve tax justice.
Richard D. Wolff is Professor of Economics Emeritus, University of Massachusetts, Amherst where he taught economics


Professor Wolff’s Website:

Professor Wolff’s Podcast:…

Permission to reprint Professor Wolff’s writing and videos is granted on an individual basis. Please contact to request permission. We reserve the right to refuse or rescind permission at any time.

The Emerald Tablet Of Hermes -AND- The Emerald Tablets Of Thoth The Atlantean

The Emerald Tablet Of Hermes -AND- The Emerald Tablets Of Thoth The Atlantean

The Emerald Table of Hermes

True, without error, certain and most true: that which is above is as that which is below, and that which is below is as that which is above, to perform the miracles of the One Thing.

And as all things were from One, by the meditation of One, so from this One Thing come all things by adaptation. Its father is the Sun, its mother is the Moon, the wind carried it in its belly, the nurse thereof is the Earth.

It is the father of all perfection and the consummation of the whole world. Its power is integral if it be turned to Earth.

Thou shalt separate the Earth from the Fire, the subtle from the coarse, gently and with much ingenuity. It ascends from Earth to heaven and descends again to Earth, and receives the power of the superiors and the inferiors.

Thus thou hast the glory of the whole world; therefore let all obscurity flee before thee. This is the strong fortitude of all fortitude, overcoming every subtle and penetrating every solid thing. Thus the world was created. Hence are all wonderful adaptations, of which this is the manner.

Therefore am I called Hermes the Thrice Great, having the three parts of the philosophy of the whole world. That is finished which I have to say concerning the operation of the Sun.

The Emerald Tablets of Thoth – Intro


The Emerald Tablet Of Hermes -AND- The Emerald Tablets Of Thoth The Atlantean

Rev. Don’s Vlog – The Emerald Tablet

The Emerald Tablets of Thoth

Literal translation and interpretation of one of the most
ancient and secret of the great works of ancient wisdom.

Read Full:


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  4. 5 The Emerald Tablets of Thoth – Tablet IV by SoloTraceur
  5. 6 The Emerald Tablets of Thoth – Tablet V by SoloTraceur
  6. The Emerald Tablets of Thoth – Tablet VI by SoloTraceur 

The Emerald Tablets of Thoth and the Lord’s Prayer Explained



Published on Mar 27, 2016

40 years of Hip Hop by KRS-One,, Tupac Shakur:

 40 years of Hip Hop by KRS-One:

40 years of Hip Hop by KRS-One (Full Movie)

Published on Sep 6, 2013

KRS-One shares valuable secrets on the history, meaning and philosophy of Hip Hop. Slavery, education, spirituality, culture, modern society, war, the economy, mainstream hip-hop and much more were discussed at this historical event.

This speech was held during the Hip Hop appreciation week in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. There, KRS-One held his forty years of Hip-Hop lecture in the Bijlmer neighborhood.

KRS-One – The Power Of Future – All Seven Lessons

“A Different World”

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The television show, “A Different World,” was iconic and one of the greatest shows of all-time. It led to a spike in the attendance of HBCUs, made millions for its producers and put black faces on television every Thursday night in an extremely positive light.

Since that time, we’ve seen a huge segment of television devolve into embarrassing and destructive reality TV segments, where ignorant ideas are being mass-marketed, mostly to black people. This has led to millions of Americans asking “What happened?”

This interview with Michael Imhotep from the African History Network lays out what’s happened to black people over the last few decades, as well as the power of media in brainwashing black youth into pursuing harmful and destructive outcomes in their lives

Malcom X Grassroots Movement Speech [Tupac Shakur]

How 2 kill a Generation: Stop & Frisk a Hate Crime!

How 2 kill a Generation

Malcom X Grassroots Movement Speech [Tupac Shakur]

White NYPD Cops Rejoice after Beating up Black teens after botched Stop and Frisk !

Be mindful  to detect the level of desperation in this young mans voice. Empathizes with this young man, as he courageously exposes the terrorism being waged on his community by those who, come under the guise of ‘protect and serve’  but instead enact restrict and restrain polices, through the enforcement of ‘stop and frisk’ a tactic used in Iraq. This creates an open air prison, similar to what we see happening in Palestine.  These communities need our help, wherever we find them on the globe, but right here in America, cities under siege, by privateers . Is this a pilot program for the nation, is this where we are headed, a definite cliff hanger if you ask me.


Why Is the N.Y.P.D. After Me?

I was stunned. And I was scared. Then I was on the ground — with a gun pointed at me. I couldn’t see what was happening but I could feel a policeman’s hand reach into my pocket and remove my wallet. Apparently he looked through and found the ID I kept there. “Happy Birthday,” he said sarcastically. The officers questioned my cousin and friend, asked what they were doing in town, and then said goodnight and left us on the sidewalk.

Less than two years later, in the spring of 2008, N.Y.P.D. officers stopped and frisked me, again. And for no apparent reason. This time I was leaving my grandmother’s home in Flatbush, Brooklyn; a squad car passed me as I walked down East 49th Street to the bus stop. The car backed up. Three officers jumped out. Not again. The officers ordered me to stand, hands against a garage door, fished my wallet out of my pocket and looked at my ID. Then they let me go.

I was stopped again in September of 2010. This time I was just walking home from the gym. It was the same routine: I was stopped, frisked, searched, ID’d and let go.

These experiences changed the way I felt about the police. After the third incident I worried when police cars drove by; I was afraid I would be stopped and searched or that something worse would happen. I dress better if I go downtown. I don’t hang out with friends outside my neighborhood in Harlem as much as I used to. Essentially, I incorporated into my daily life the sense that I might find myself up against a wall or on the ground with an officer’s gun at my head. For a black man in his 20s like me, it’s just a fact of life in New York.

Here are a few other facts: last year, the N.Y.P.D. recorded more than 600,000 stops; 84 percent of those stopped were blacks or Latinos. Police are far more likely to use force when stopping blacks or Latinos than whites. In half the stops police cite the vague “furtive movements” as the reason for the stop. Maybe black and brown people just look more furtive, whatever that means. These stops are part of a larger, more widespread problem — a racially discriminatory system of stop-and-frisk in the N.Y.P.D. The police use the excuse that they’re fighting crime to continue the practice, but no one has ever actually proved that it reduces crime or makes the city safer. Those of us who live in the neighborhoods where stop-and-frisks are a basic fact of daily life don’t feel safer as a result.

We need change. When I was young I thought cops were cool. They had a respectable and honorable job to keep people safe and fight crime. Now, I think their tactics are unfair and they abuse their authority. The police should consider the consequences of a generation of young people who want nothing to do with them — distrust, alienation and more crime.

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Is this a national pilot program ?

What’s Really Behind Obama’s Praise of Ray Kelly?

When President Obama interrupted a regularly scheduled press briefing to acknowledge the collective pain and anger over the acquittal of George Zimmerman, his heartfelt testament to his own experience of racial profiling wrote a page in the history books. Yet, as many would quickly point out, his commitment to addressing racial profiling rang hollow in the shadow of comments he had made just days before, praising New York Police Commissioner Ray Kelly as an “outstanding” and “very well qualified” potential candidate to lead the Department of Homeland Security after Janet Napolitano steps down.

In the last year, Kelly has come under escalating public criticism: the NYPD faces five federal lawsuits challenging its stop-and-frisk and Muslim surveillance programs and two City Council bills banning racial profiling and establishing independent oversight over the department. Noticeably “flattered” by the president’s burnishing his increasingly troubled public profile, Kelly went media stumping, heightening speculation that the police chief may be a contender. Whether Kelly is picked as the next secretary or not, President Obama countenanced Kelly’s profiling tactics, and even more sobering, revealed his own cards.

See more:

New Report Illustrates the Collateral Consequences of Stop-and-Frisk

A new study from the nonpartisan Vera Institute of Justice offers a clue. For the study, “Coming of Age with Stop and Frisk,” researchers went into six low-income, heavily policed neighborhoods and surveyed almost 500 young New Yorkers who had been stopped by police at least once. (Stop-and-frisk targets the young; the report notes that “at least half of all recorded stops annually involve those between the ages of 13 and 25.”) As you might expect, most of the respondents’ experiences with stop-and-frisk were negative ones. Almost half of those surveyed said that officers had threatened them or used physical force during the stops. Over 80 percent of respondents claimed that they had been stopped for no good reason; 85 percent said that the frisks turned up nothing illegal.

While it’s obviously hard to verify these self-reported statistics, that last one, at least, does match up with outside numbers: In 2012 almost 90 percent of stop-and-frisk incidents citywide yielded no drugs, guns, open containers, or anything else illegal. This sort of regular, fruitless harassment can’t help but breed hostility toward the police, which in turn seems almost certain to affect the NYPD’s ability to tap community resources in order to solve crimes. The report notes that “only 15 percent [of respondents] believe the police are honest, and 12 percent believe that residents of their neighborhood trust the police. Just four out of 10 respondents said they would be comfortable seeking help from police if in trouble.” Fewer than 25 percent of respondents would bother reporting a known criminal to the police. Only 41 percent of respondents would even bother contacting the police if they were the victims of a violent crime.

It’s hard to assess these numbers without a sense of how they’ve changed over time. There’s never been a ton of love or respect for the police in New York’s low-income, high-crime neighborhoods, and the Vera study doesn’t do much to put these numbers in historical context. And yet, at the very least, it’s clear that stop-and-frisk has done little to improve community relations. And that’s a problem. Criminal investigations succeed or fail in large part based on community buy-in; on officers’ ability to elicit useful information from those who might know how and why a given incident happened. But it’s hard to cooperate with someone you don’t trust—and the Vera Institute report clearly indicates that, in the neighborhoods they studied, “trust in law enforcement is alarmingly low.” By continuing to defend stop-and-frisk, Bloomberg and Kelly risk making it impossible to rebuild that trust over the long term.

See more:

NYPD Officer Risks His Job to Speak Out Against “Stop-and-Frisk” Targeting of People of Color 1 of 2

Mike Bloomberg’s fact-free defence of stop-and-frisk

The current leaders of New York City clearly need to be “forcibly stopped” by the courts from continuing their unconstitutional behaviors. Unfortunately, the NYPD, Mike Bloomberg and Ray Kelly persist in their false narrative that without such policies, crime will drastically increase and guns will flow onto the streets. It’s hard to understand why a mayor who prides himself on pragmatic, evidence-based policy would prefer continued denial to reality.

Our research, which was cited in the Floyd case, clearly indicates that the NYPD has placed marked pressure on officers to write stop-and-frisk reports. Our survey of 1,962 retired NYPD officers indicates that of those who retired before 1995, only 9.1% felt high pressure to write stop-and-frisk reports. Since 2002 (the Kelly/Bloomberg years), over 35% of officers feel high pressure to write stop-and-frisk reports. Additionally, the same survey indicates that officers in the Kelly/Bloomberg era felt less pressure to obey constitutional constraints – 47% directly before, compared to 36% during, Kelly/Bloomberg. (The NYPD was required by law to record all forcible stops from 1 January 2001 onward, and the training was quite extensive on this – we know because one of us helped conduct that training. So, we know that recording practices have essentially not changed since that time.)

More recently the Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association (the officer’s union) has taken a stand against various laws passed by the City Council requiring oversight of the police department, as well as making it easier to sue officers. With the union now fighting the City Council, it is not likely that officers will be conducting as many forcible stops. Yet, the number of murders continues to decline – once again, revealing the complete fantasy of the position that New York City will be filled with criminals if the stop-and-frisk policy is restrained.

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NYPD Officer Risks His Job to Speak Out Against “Stop-and-Frisk” Targeting of People of Color 2 of 2

NYC Mayor Bloomberg Launches New ‘Shoot-and-Frisk’ Pilot Program for NYPD

“Shoot-and-Frisk builds upon the groundbreaking success of a scientifically-proven approach to metered justice. Really, it’s just codifying the existing best practices of some of our best officers in the field,” explains Marc la Vorgna, Press Secretary for NYC. “We learned Shoot-and-Frisk — and how effective it is — from real-life practices. You see, if you frisk somebody, and he’s got a knife, or a gun — and that’s happened, in more than 0.1% of the stops, you see — well, it’s a little late to open fire after he’s already shot or stabbed you. It’s not wise tactically. It’s not good application of justice. Shoot-and-Frisk says to our cops on the beat: take care of the problem, take the bad guys down, and then go dot the i’s and cross the t’s.”

“It’s important that the police maintain control, in a crisis situation,” says Police Chief Raymond Kelly. “And it’s especially important that police maintain a control over the use of force — a supremacy of force, on the battlefield. We don’t want anybody getting shot, except the ones that we’re shooting. That’s just law & order.”

With NYPD Chief Kelly getting a nod from The President, as a consideration for  the top post at DHS.

I have to wonder if NYPD’s stop and frisk program, is a pilot for the nation. Is this how it’s going down ?

According to Kelly, when you realize that war means casualties, then you can embrace what he calls a view of enlightened application of justice. “If you accept that there will be casualties, then it makes sense that it’s better for all of those casualties — criminal, innocent by-standing consumer, even cop — to have been fallen by police bullets. We can trust that our police officers will use the minimum amount of force, but you never know — a criminal might not pose a threat at all, but he might be hiding an automatic weapon or a bomb. We cannot naively trust that hardened criminals will be as non-violent, or as prudently discriminating in their targets, as sworn peace officers.”

“For example, just this weekend, there was a guy playing in traffic in Manhattan. And our guys had to drop him,” Kelly retells. “And, in the course of bringing him to justice, our guys shot two innocent bystanders. Now, the suspect didn’t have a gun, it turns out — but if he did, and we hadn’t stopped him, how many innocent consumers do you think he might have hurt?”

See related: CNN: Police wound 2 bystanders in shooting near Times Square

Mother Jones © A whopping 9 out of 10 times, Stop-and-Frisk suspects are able to effectively hide evidence of any wrong-doing whatsoever from an officer. According to NYPD stats, above, people of color and ethnic minorities are the best at showing no signs of having committed any crime at all. These are the professional criminals that Shoot-and-Frisk aims to catch.

Calendar Reform and the Future of Civilization

Fear No Fear Now

What is the 13 Moon Calendar?

“The Thirteen Moon calendar is an evolutionary tool to assist humanity in the unprecedented act of uniting itself on one issue central to its complete well-being: time. The harmonic convergence of humanity on this one issue, combined with the inescapable order, perfection and simplicity of following the 13 Moon calendar will lift the species as a simultaneous whole into the galactic timing frequency of 13:20.”

The 13 Moon, 28-day calendar is a new standard of time for all people everywhere who desire a genuinely new world. If the calendar and time we follow is irregular, artificial and mechanized, so becomes our mind. As is our mind, so our world becomes, as is our world today: Irregular, artificial and mechanized. But if the calendar we follow is harmonic and in tune with natural cycles, so also will our mind become, and so we may return to a way of life more spiritual and in harmony with nature.

The 13 Moon calendar synchronizes solar and galactic cycles on July 26 correlating with the star Sirius.  Each of the 13 moons has a power, action, and quality which define an annual program to synchronize our consciousness with the galactic cycles.

As a perfect measure of cosmic time, this calendar is actually a synchronometer, an instrument for measuring synchronicity. Followed daily, it gives us a new lens in which to perceive events. In the New Time, synchronicity is the norm. – Your Personal, yet all inspiring, Conscious Rebellion ! –


Calendar Reform and the Future of Civilization (Part 1)

Calendar Reform and the Future of Civilization by José Argüelles

Full article at:…

More on Calendar Reform:

Calendar Reform and the Future of Civilization (Part 2):

Calendar Reform and the Future of Civilization (Part 3) :


The Creator’s Calendar?

Calendar Reform and a Campaign for a New Time (Part 1):

Calendar Reform and a Campaign for a New Time (Part 2):

Calendar Reform and the Declaration of the First World Peace:

Time is of the Mind:

Hebrew Date Converter

  • Fri, 8 November 2013 = 5th of Kislev, 5774

  • In the 13 Moon calendar the names of the 13 moons correspond to the thirteen galactic tones of creation. Each of the 13 moons is saturated with meaning and altogether they form a whole vision sequence of cosmic order. Each year also serves as a planetary service wavespell. Before we introduce the names of the thirteen moons, please consider the meanings of the 12 months of the Gregorian calendar:

    • January is the God of the Doorway.
    • February is an obscure reference to a type of entrails used in a form of divination.
    • March is named after Mars, the God of War.
    • April and May are named after obscure floral goddesses of the springtime.
    • June is named after Juno, the wife of Jupiter.
    • July is named after Julius Caesar.
    • August is named after Augustus Caesar. August used to be the month called Sextile, which means 6, and Augustus Caesar figured that if Julius had a month named after him, then Augustus also wanted a month named after himself. So he changed Sextile to August and at that time it only had 30 days, February had 29, so he took the 29th day from February and added it to August so it would have 31 just like Julius did with July.
    • September means 7 (“sept”) but is the ninth month.
    • October means 8, but is the 10th month.
    • November, which means 9, is the 11th month.
    • December, the 12th month, means 10.

    In the 13 Moon calendar, the meaning of each of the 13 moons corresponds to that particular number frequency having three key words. These numbers are known as the thirteen galactic tones of creation that together form the cosmology of movement. These 13 Moons can be put into the format of a wavespell:

    • Moon 1: Magnetic          Unify purpose                    Attract
    • Moon 2: Lunar                Polarize challenge             Stabilize
    • Moon 3: Electric             Active service                    Bond
    • Moon 4: Self-existing     Define form                       Measure
    • Moon 5: Overtone          Empower radiance            Command
    • Moon 6: Rhythmic          Organize equality              Balance
    • Moon 7: Resonant          Channel attunement         Inspire
    • Moon 8: Galactic            Harmonize integrity          Model
    • Moon 9: Solar                 Pulse intention                  Realize
    • Moon 10: Planetary        Perfect manifestation       Produce
    • Moon 11: Spectral          Dissolve liberation            Release
    • Moon 12: Crystal            Dedicate cooperation       Universalize
    • Moon 13: Cosmic           Endure presence               Transcend

    Here are the full names and Gregorian dates of the 13 Moons:

    1. Magnetic Bat Moon (July 26-August 22)
    2. Lunar Scorpion Moon (August 23-September 19)
    3. Electric Deer Moon (September 20-October 17)
    4. Self-existing Owl Moon (October 18-November 14)
    5. Overtone Peacock Moon (November 15-December 12)
    6. Rhythmic Lizard Moon (December 13-January 9)
    7. Resonant Monkey Moon (January 10-February 6)
    8. Galactic Hawk Moon (February 7-March 6)
    9. Solar Jaguar Moon (March 7-April 3)
    10. Planetary Dog Moon (April 4-May 1)
    11. Spectral Serpent Moon (May 2-May 29)
    12. Crystal Rabbit Moon (May 30-June 26)
    13. Cosmic Turtle Moon (June 27-July 24)
    Day Out of Time (July 25)

  • 13 Moon Tutorial:

  • The coming new era on our planet has everything to do with a change of timing frequency. The 13 Moon-28-day calendar is a simple tool that helps us to raise our frequency and gives us a new lens to view both our day-to-day and planetary events.

    Because both the Gregorian and 13 Moon calendars operate with 52 seven-day weeks annually (364 days), the 13 Moon calendar provides a perfect daily transition tool for hooking back up with the higher-dimensional order! It is simple to follow day-to-day as it is marked with the dates of the Gregorian calendar.

    13 Moon Calendar – Simple Cycles

    The 13 Moon calendar is comprised of elegantly simple cycles. Namely: The 7-day week and 28-day moon. Unlike the Gregorian calendar, the days of the moon (month) and the days of the week line up perfectly, week-to-week and moon-to-moon. This makes the 13 Moon/28-day calendar a perpetual calendar. Let’s go into detail and you’ll see what we mean.

    Graphic of 7-day Week
    This is the seven-day week, every week in the 13 Moon calendar is exactly the same,
    a cycle of 7 days, which is also called a heptad.

    Each moon (or month) on the 13 Moon calendar contains exactly four seven-day weeks or heptads. 7 x 4 = 28.

    Each of the four weeks has a unique power:
    Week 1: (Red) Knowledge Initiates View
    Week 2: (White) Humility Refines Meditation
    Week 3: (Blue) Patience Transforms Conduct
    Week 4: (Yellow) Power Ripens Fruit                  Explore more: 

  • —————————————————————————————————————
  • Armageddon – The War Within

  • Since the dawn of humanity, countless cultures around the world have held prophecies and tales foretelling a time when an epic final battle between the forces of light and dark, would destroy the earth; and where the victorious forces would be given the power to become the rulers over a new reality. And though to many, this battle may seem like the legendary stuff of stories, there are those who believe, that the final battle is upon us, and that Armageddon has indeed begun. However, it is essential here to understand that contrary to popular belief, Armageddon is not a battle that can be fought and won on the battlefields of Man, but rather, the true Armageddon, is a war that can only be won… within.


Grim Reaper Clock animated


!  ! !  A The Trans-Pacific Partnership



Published on Jun 10, 2012

“He [Patrick Henry] boycotted the Constitutional Convention of 1787 because, as he so eloquently put it, “I smell a rat ” and suspected the worst: that the independent colonies that had thrived for over a century were to be herded under one consolidated government, a vast government apparatus founded not on liberty, but on the bureaucratic dreams of monarchists and mercantilists like Alexander Hamilton.”

This presentation will explain some of the issues the American People face in this country today and why. It will show a clear path of destruction of your rights over the last 150 years. This is not everything that is wrong, but it will get you looking at the real truths we are facing. The reason I did this video is I wanted to show the people the proof of what has happened and it will show you the right places to start looking so you can educate yourself. One thing I promise you is this, if you go in search of what has taken us to where we are today you will find an amazing story that goes back thousands of years.
The other thing I want to tell you is this and though it may be hard for people to understand it’s not Washington D.C.’s fault. The people have failed to take responsibility for themselves and their government, so when you fail to take responsibility for your actions someone else will and you will not like how that ends up.

Timeline of the Great Fraud, by Judge Anna Von Reitz

People need to end the Two party Corporate Fascist political fraud and the Congress “In Trust” system

Excerpts #10 thru #14
10. 1861: The Civil War begins. ‘Congress’ adjourns for lack of quorum and without a date to reconvene. Lincoln organizes a Delaware Corporation and the remaining members of Congress begin functioning as a Board of Directors.

11. 1862: The “Corporate Congress”—a body of men no different than the Board of Directors of IBM, change the meaning of a single word —only and explicitly for use within their corporation. That word is “person”. From then on the word “person” is deemed to mean “corporation” for federal government purposes. (37th “Congress”– Second Session, Chapter 49, Section 68.)

12. 1863: Lincoln signs the Lieber Code as Commander in Chief and puts the Union Army, the Grand Army of the Republic, in charge of the nation’s future and money supply. A day later, he bankrupts the original United States (Commercial Company).

13. 1865: Lee’s Army surrenders to Grant and a general armistice is declared. The Southern States are in ruins and under military occupation by the Union. The original Northern States are bankrupt. Foreign banks are in control of the new “United States of America, Inc.” and the Union Army reigns supreme. Over the next two years President Andrew Johnson will three times publicly declare peace on the land jurisdiction of the Continental United States, but peace is never declared in the international Jurisdiction of the Sea controlled by the Federal United States under the trusteeship of the British Monarch.

14. 1868: The Corporate Congress writes itself a new Corporate Constitution, called “the Constitution of the United States of America” and palms off this look-alike, sound-alike private corporate document “as if” it were the actual Constitution. This is fraud on many levels. The Constitution of the United States of America purposefully sought to confuse and delude people into thinking it was the actual Equity Contract obligating the States to receive services and subrogate their international jurisdiction to the federal government.

This act of identity theft exercised via an undisclosed and forced contract with the Mother of the child, allowed each ”State” franchise to control the name and the property of the baby. The perpetrators promptly set up new “State franchises” benefiting themselves using names styled like this: “Joseph Quincy Public” and new “Municipal franchises” set up under the auspices of the Washington DC Municipality using NAMES styled like this: “JOHN QUINCY PUBLIC”. The only purpose for creating these franchises structured as various kinds of trusts – was to act as a means for the privately owned governmental services corporations to hypothecate debt against the labor of the living people and their private property assets and to exercise control over them amounting to slavery.
See this article and over 200 others on Anna’s website
To support this work look for the PayPal button on this website.66. Public Order Timeline Document


Here you will find the Documents in this presentation.…


28 U.S.C. SECTION 3002 (15)……………………………………

“In Politics, nothing is accidental.
If something happens, be assured
it was planned this way.”
–Franklin D. Roosevelt,
32 Degree Mason