To Care and Love More !

Do you care Dr sues

The Truth as it changes, or as it has changed, is what we must understand and put into actual action today.

America is no shinning light on the hill and it’s no longer perceived as a 
shinning light on the hill, instead it heads up humanities plunge back  into darkness. On micro and macro-societal levels American and West societies in general define Psychopathy, a collective narcissism of sorts. Willfully remaining blind to our own reflection, past and present. Who we really are as a nation and what atrocities we account for or refuse to account for, binds us to medieval misconceptions, ideas and understandings. Our white supremacist mythos, systems and institutions of oppression for the vast majority, propagate our chaos. We except up as down and down as up, this way and that way but rarely the right way.

Our widely believed and beloved white European, blond haired, blue eyed, out of Africa Tarzan type Jesus, is pretend. The Christ wasn’t European or white and nor was our Turkish Santa Claus. This oligarchy is Not a Democracy, nor do we have free market Capitalism and Columbus discovered nothing, except that the Africans were telling the truth of how to navigate to the new world. What we don’t know is hurting us and everyone else on the planet. The hand we refuse to bite is feeding us for the slaughter, while we marinate our own offspring in the corporate government provided bliss that is surely ignorance.

Humans can no longer be defined as monsters, beast, just the vessel, just the vehicle chaperoning the expression. The Open Minded are being reminded of the need to strengthen the expression, regardless of the physical binds and restraints of our own so called systems of governance, which war not really with us, but with nature, with love itself. We are being reminded that we are that nature that our systems war against, we are love.

All of which serves to remind, regardless of the journey, spirit, mind to body or body, mind to spirit, the object is the Expression, to Care and to Love More !

Plugging around for like 50 years now and it’s still All GOD the CREATOR is still creating, peace !

Principle #8: The Lost Principle of CARE

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Care Lost Principle