Human Capital or Pseudo-Capitalist Wage Slaves

It’s dawns on me that I am not sure if, it is well known to pseudo-capitalist today that slaves were the human capital that made capitalism. Although with surety I’m certain that it’s not so well known or readily recognized by pseudo-capitalist today, probably due to cognitive dissonance, that human capital continues to sustain capitalism today but under what name?

Wage Slaves

We know the conditions of coercion we serve under well enough, but not that it’s a thing, not that it’s always been a thing and surely not that it’s not normal. Similar to serfs suffering brutal feudalism, accepting their station of serfdom, while bowing in acquiescence to their lords and kings, we can’t see the forest for the trees, labels and terms like, Pseudo-capitalist wage slave, cognizent wage slave, debt slave or prison chattel slave don’t stick to us, as we are capitalist.

The politics of divide and conquer, has spun much of the US population into actually believing they are capitalist, capitalizing off a non-existent free-market. They are not capitalist, they are what I like to call, pseudo-capitalist wage slaves, as  they believe with all their heart that they are capitalist, when they are actually wage slaves being very much exploited by not only ruthless capitalist but more so a  system of capitalism termed ‘Savage’.


 Mike Leung on Slavery and The Abolition of Human rentals


Published on Mar 13, 2012
Mike Leung of the proposed Worker Cooperative Federal Credit Union, and Abolish Human rentals discusses financing and worker cooperatives.

Quite a few years back now, in reply to me mentioning or proclaiming that “I’m not a capitalist,” a young friend quickly admonished back that “if your not a capitalist, your being exploited by capitalism.” I very much agreed and very much agree we are all, mid 90% of us, only human capital being coerced and exploited from cradle to grave without a high fraudulent clue of how the contract driven, representative democracy instituted and run capitalist system, we adore so and fully align with is enslaving us.

Capitalism reformed from whips and chains, to participate or starve coercion of human capital, is supposed to be a kinder gentler slavery but turns out to be an exponentially more brutal fascism inside the cup and anything from delusional free market capitalism, to a disorientating, holographic corporatism on the outside of said tea cup full of muck.

George jackson fascism one word

“Capitalism needs economic coercion for its job market to function” (Ontario Coalition Against Poverty: OCAP)

In a previous post, I pointed out that the Ontario Coalition Against Poverty (OCAP) explicitly indicated that economic coercion or force is a basic condition for capitalism to continue to exist (Basic Income: A Critique of the Ontario Coalition Against Poverty’s Stance ).  The following quote agrees with OCAP in so far as economic coercion or economic blackmail characterizes modern capitalist society, but Kay implies that, as a consequence, it is necessary to redefine the nature of poverty. Many social-reformist organizations define poverty exclusively in terms of the level of income, with the poverty line (defined according to a certain level of income) separating those who are defined as poor by the social-reformist left and the rest, who are supposedly the middle class. Such a definition, according to OCAP’s own recognition of the economic coercion required in the job market, is inadequate.

Consequently, OCAP should, in accordance with its own recognition of the economic blackmail characteristic of capitalism, start to organize for the purpose of eliminating poverty conditions that require such economic blackmail. It should, in other words, start to engage in the formation of a movement for the abolition of the power of employers as a class and the corresponding economic, social and political structures.

The social-reformist left, however, will probably not acknowledge the need for a redefinition of poverty that includes the economic coercion of the vast majority of workers. They prefer to deal in platitudes, such as calling the work characteristic of economic coercion “decent work,” or reforms in employment standards and increases in the minimum wages (all necessary, of course) “fair,” or claiming that they are fighting for “economic justice” (while not engaging in any activity that moves towards abolishing the economic coercion characteristic of the capitalist job market dominated by a class of employers).

Read further on >> “Capitalism needs economic coercion for its job market to function” (Ontario Coalition Against Poverty: OCAP)

Bruce lee Absorb

As toward solution,

Andrew Yang a 2020 Presidential hopeful is offering a $1000.00 a month to every citizen, no questions asked, or so no questions are asked, to mitigate the coercion of human capital and exploitative nature of this fascist Corporatocracy, run on quantitative easing endowments to a small select few, self-proclaimed chosen tribe perhaps but the wrong end of the goat for sure, so we can call it fascism or we can continue to refer to it as something it’s not and pretend that it’s doing what free market capitalism does and is not openly fascist.

Either way, I’m thinking Yang is right to feed the right end of the goat. A $1000 a month would insure that folks don’t have to make the choice between eating or sell themselves for a buck in duress. With that said, and the successful mitigation of human capital coercion, what will we call it? Surely not capitalism as we hope hazardously call corporatism capitalism today. Maybe we call it commonsense, while channeling Bruce Lee who has been quoted stating “absorb what is useful, discard what is useless, add what is uniquely  your own,” but that would require coupling with worker ownership, economic democracy, and cooperation opposed to incorporation in a big way.

Capitalism, Coercion and Modern-Day Abolition

Capitalism and Coercion

There are two core dualism’s at the heart of capitalist mythology, between consent and coercion, and freedom and force. Each derives from capitalism’s foundational principle — private property.

For capitalist theory, property is a sacrosanct extension of the self, to be disposed of only according to personal preference. In Locke’s famous phrase, it is ‘natural law’ that man be entitled to ‘life, liberty and estate’. On his understanding, no one can take another’s life, freedom or property, and that property can only be legitimately exchanged if bought or sold consensually.

This notion extends also to labour-power, which is viewed under capitalism as a property-like commodity akin to any other. Provided a worker can consent to the sale of his labour, a legitimate labour-capital exchange can be formalized in contract — just as one does with the sale of a house.

Those practices not conforming to this model of consensual, contractual exchange are seen to lie outside of capitalism. With goods, this includes theft or forceful appropriation, while with labour, it includes ‘trafficking’, ‘slavery’ or ‘forced labour’, since each boils definitionally down to the presence or absence of consent or coercion in the exchange.

Capitalism, Coercion and Modern-Day Abolition

AI Systems Reverse Engineered Using Adversarial Machine Learning

AI security expert Dawn Song warns that “adversarial machine learning” could be used to reverse-engineer systems—including those used in defense.

Song said adversarial machine learning could be used to attack just about any system built on the technology. “It’s a big problem,” she told the audience. “We need to come together to fix it.”

Adversarial machine learning involves experimentally feeding input into an algorithm to reveal the information it has been trained on, or distorting input in a way that causes the system to misbehave.

By inputting lots of images into a computer vision algorithm, for example, it is possible to reverse-engineer its functioning and ensure certain kinds of outputs, including incorrect ones. Song presented several examples of adversarial-learning trickery that her research group has explored.
by Will Knight March 25, 2019 Intelligent Machines

How malevolent machine learning could derail AI

Can your own phone be used as a weapon against you? Can your mind be controlled with weaponized technology? A Top Secret control infographic released by accident?

A weapon that causes you to hear voices?

“Voice of God” technology leaked in Gov. docs for MIND CONTROL!


Published on May 11, 2018