You are told to pray in Jesus name


There is a lot to this story but today we will just touch on 
the origin of the name Jesus.
What is so amazing is that Christians around the world are told
to pray in Jesus name
and his name was not Jesus.
So who is the person whose name they are praying in?

The New Testament was written in  Greek by Greeks.We call it the New Testament. They did not.They called it Helios Biblios.Some people who see that interpret it as the Holy Bible.That is not what it means.Helios Biblios means The Sun God Book.Helios was the Greek Sun God and the word Biblios means book.

Now came the time to translate the Greek into the King James English.The King James translators knew that Ieso was the Greek Goddessand they did not want that.So they removed the letter O from Iesous and the name became Iesus.Think about this. The name of the Greek Goddess was changed by theKing James translators by removing the letter O.In that way the Christian movement was not connected to the Greek Goddess.The name of the Savior was now Iesus.

The Greek writers were looking to write about the Sun God in a strange way. What name would they give to him?They decided on IESO.

IESO was the Greek Goddess of healing and part of the sun deity.She was the daughter of  Asclepiuswho was of the Sun deity.But the Bible writers  were writing about a male, not a female, and so they added the letters  U and S and the name became Iesous.Adding the letters U and S changed the name fromfemale to male.  The person now became the Greek God of Healing and the Sun Deity.So if one wants to pray in the correct name they should pray in Iesous name because that was his name.

Between 1500 and 1600 the English alphabet incorporated the letter  J.The savior who the King James identified as Iesus was renamed as the letter J replaced the letter I, and Iesus became Jesus. In other words, it was the King James translators who invented the name Jesus.
Now I am not saying that Jesus was the Sun God.
But I am asking you to consider what the Greekwriters had in mind when they wrote this story.
They called the story The Sun God book and they named the savior after a Goddess of the Sun Deity.
That’s how it happened.  
There is a lot more to the story and I will be bringing it to you. 



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Bill Donahue


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