Have You Signed The Social Contract?

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We live in a contract driven society that exploits and even assumes our choice of participation at Age of Majority, instead of contracting with us, we’re asked to just accept what amounts to cradle to grave fraud. So there’s no wonder that it was built on the backs of involuntary human capital chattel slaves and sustained on the backs of voluntary human capital wage slaves. Could an Age of Majority Contract Sign-in hold this corrupted system honest, beholden to new contracts and opt outs.

The Truth about The Social Contract

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How many people do we have to reach to create a tipping point ?

The magic number needed to enact significant social change is 10% according to social psychology research. I have heard as little as 3%. That means we have a short window to head off any further centralization of power worldwide.

Types of Government, Explained


Economic Democracy the Next Sytem


We need a new economic system if we, our children, and our grandchildren are going to live in a just, humane, peaceful, and sustainable world. The transition can be envisaged as a democratic, nonviolent restructuring of basic economic institutions.

Although workplace democracy should be the norm throughout society, it needn’t be the case that all businesses conform to this norm.

Economic Democracy @TheNextSystem

Click thru to a Great Resource at Economic Democracy The Next System


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