On Reparations, Albeit a Persistent Slavery

How do we demand reparations without out first demanding an end to the systems and conditions that perpetuate and sustain injury or better put slavery . Chattel slaves were the human capital that made capitalism and wage slaves are the human capital that sustains capitalism.

Abolition first, Reparations after we end slavery. This Representative Democracies Capitalism termed ‘Savage’ continues to ravage us with unconstitutional patterns, policies, practices and procedures doing us harm right now. American Decedents of Slaves remain excluded from the New Deal era constitutional entitlements that built the American Middle Class. We were excluded from the GI Bill, red lined and restricted from growth by the Federal Housing Administration.

Red lining continues today with less transparency with the passing of the Bank Lobbyist Act of 2018. The Drug War on Blacks persist along side Prison Chattel Slavery, along with the help of the Mainstream Media Demonetization of black folk and the manufacture of crimes without victims.

Reparations for what we are going through, have gone through or having to go through, or was forced to go through generationally and ancestrally? It all starts to resembles the paying of restitution while committing an injures act with the hopes of sustainability. My more UN-optimistic thoughts are that of perpetual slavery and genocide are now garnishing a wage.

Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) explains the history of banks discriminating against minorities, and how that will be become much easier if the Senate passes The Banking Lobbyist act, in which passed in Mar. 2018.

Published on Jan 9, 2019
Before you buy a home from a lender, make sure they still report all HMDA data including Race, Income, Credit Score, Interest Rate and Loan Amount. Also, research your state for prior Redling and ensure you are not being taken advantage of. This public data (HMDA data) is important because they help show whether lenders are serving the housing needs of their communities; they give public officials information that helps them make decisions and policies; and they shed light on lending patterns that could be discriminatory. Racial profiling on mortgage loans has been and is currently happening. Racial profiling is crime within itself and it’s a form of segregation when considering the act of redlining.

Freedom Rider: Scoundrels and Reparations

Margaret Kimberley, BAR editor and senior columnist
10 Apr 2019

Reparations should not be a topic for national discussion until there is something akin to a consensus among black people about what to demand and how to do it. The justness of the cause isn’t complicated but the how and the why certainly are.

We have already seen politicians like former congressman John Conyers propose legislation to study reparationsuntil he was a committee chairman in the majority and had the power to move it. As often happens with Democrats he did nothing when he had the chance to back up what he claimed to want.

Now is the time for serious study among serious people and the wheel does not have to be reinvented. N’COBRA has already delved into the matter and declared that “reparations means full repair.” It is unlikely that those words mean anything to a scoundrel like Al Sharpton. He and his ilk must  stay out unless or until they are invited to have a seat at the table.

Continue to read great article: https://www.blackagendareport.com/freedom-rider-scoundrels-and-reparations

Capitalism reformed from whips and chains to participate or starve coercion is supposed to be a kinder gentler slavery 2.0? “

Capitalism needs economic coercion for its job market to function” (Ontario Coalition Against Poverty: OCAP)

https://theabolitionary.ca/2018/05/25/capitalism-needs-economic-coercion-for-its-job-market-to-function-ontario-coalition-against-poverty-ocap/ via @wordpressdotcom

The Color of Law – Richard Rothstein Interview – Tonetalks

 Tonetalks Published on Dec 20, 2018

Attorney Antonio Moore talks with UC Berkely Professor and author of the book “Color of Law The Forgotton History Of How Our Government Segregated America” on his book, race, and reparations. Moore ask Rothstein to analyze the Cosby Show in light of his book’s findings on FHA redlining. Support at http://www.patreon.com/tonetalks

The Roadmap to Reparations Explained by #ADOS — ADOS101.com

All too often we forget what slavery was as an institution. Slavery, it must be understood, served as the foundational pillar of American free market capitalism and was essential in shaping our core beliefs and attitudes about that economic system. It was one man using governmental legal advantage
Road map reperations

In recent weeks as Democratic candidates have announced their bid for the Presidential nomination of the party, the national discussion is shifting from the U.S.-Mexico border and DACA to a reckoning with America’s original sin: chattel slavery.

Senator Warren is suggesting she would include Native Americans in a reparations package, and Senator Bernie Sanders has put forth a stance that is tantamount to being against reparations altogether. A major driver for this discussion has been the online movement #ADOS, or American Descendants Of Slavery, which was founded by myself and Yvette Carnell.

Our movement aims to make U.S. descendants of slavery whole by foregrounding the necessity of recompense for the wide-ranging damages done to black America throughout our nation’s history. A justice claim beginning with slavery, and encompassing the legacy of disadvantage which reaches right up to the present.

Informative article continue to read: https://medium.com/@antoniomoore/the-roadmap-to-reparations-explained-by-ados-3577db752213

ADOS Shrinks Reparationist Politics to Fit the Cramped Horizon of Tribalism

Bruce A. Dixon, BAR managing editor 15 Mar 2019

ADOS Iceburg

ADOS followers throw away the internationalism of their forbears, embracing instead a sometimes polite, but always frank hostility toward immigrants of all nations on the grounds that they’re either economic competition for native-born blacks…”

Why can’t y’all just decide to be what you already are – more like us – a white co-worker named Travis asked me in the early 1980s. He was a diehard Southern Baptist, Reagan was the newly elected president, and we were working at the Chicago Pullman plant, laying on our sides all day or night, whatever shift it was, routing ducts and cabling in the tiny equipment rooms beneath Amtrak cars, talking politics and history. I’d just brought up the war in Vietnam, in which the US killed 3 million Vietnamese alone, and the murderous wars in Central America which were happening as we spoke. I probably threw in some references to the ongoing wars for liberation in southern Africa as well where the US was backing, financing and arming the wrong side as usual.

But you were born here, Travis insisted. Your parents and grandparents were born here, not over there. You’re an American, just like me. What are those people to you?


A ‘Forgotten History’ Of How The U.S. Government Segregated America


This is FRESH AIR. I’m Terry Gross. We’re going to talk about how continuing racial inequality in America is in part a result of 20th-century policies that mandated housing segregation, including in the North. My guest Richard Rothstein is the author of the new book “The Color Of Law: A Forgotten History Of How Our Government Segregated America.” He writes about federal, state and local policies that help explain why new suburbs were predominantly white while housing projects became predominantly black and so many neighborhoods became – and remain – segregated. He also writes about how this mandated segregation has contributed to inequality in education, employment and income. Rothstein is a research associate at the Economic Policy Institute and a fellow at the Thurgood Marshall Institute of the NAACP Legal Defense Fund.

Reparations Means Global Social  Transformation 

Glen Ford, BAR executive editor
21 Mar 2019
George jacson capitalism

Reparations is not a token gesture of concern, apology or even solidarity; it seeks justice and redress of wrongs through the transformation of a people’s condition.

“An all-Black reparations debate is overdue.”

The Democratic presidential race has erupted in incomprehensible babble on reparations. Bernie Sanders says he’s not sure what people mean by the word. Kamala Harris and Cory Booker , the two Black U.S. senators, cynically put forward programs that bear no resemblance to reparations while claiming to be supporters. And Oprah favorite Marianne Williamson’s $100 billion reparations scheme is far too stingy  to “repair” 40 million descendants of slaves.

A $100 billion reparations scheme is far too stingy to ‘repair’ 40 million descendants of slaves.”

It is no wonder that Democratic office-seekers feel free to conjure up their own versions of reparations, to arbitrarily endorse or reject. Although the general concept of reparations for slavery and its ongoing legacy of racial oppression is broadly endorsed by Black America, there has been no Black-wide debate on the issue. Until that happens, there can be no DEMAND put forward that is imbued with the authority of the wronged community — and power accedes only to demands. Therefore, at present, there is no such thing as a Black people-endorsed reparations program, to be supported or rejected by candidates during the upcoming electoral season. Reparations is not a token gesture of concern, apology or even solidarity; it seeks justice and redress of wrongs through the transformation of a people’s condition. Black folks need to study on that, and take all the time that is necessary to produce a coherent set of demands. Of necessity, this community-wide debate must be a deep and broad discussion of the current state of the Black political economy, and our people’s visions for the future.

“There has been no Black-wide debate on reparations.”

Clearly, an all-Black reparations debate is overdue when corporate servants like Kamala Harris and Cory Booker can masquerade as reparationists while campaigning on non-Black-specific programs like $500 per month income supplements (Harris’ tax credit  for all households making less than $100,000 a year) or “baby bonds” for all newborns (Booker’s scheme to narrow the racial wealth gap  by giving children yearly savings bonds, with larger amounts going to poorer kids up to age 18.) These proposals may or may not have merit, but they are not reparations and could only be pitched as such in an environment of abject political ignorance.

The starting signal for the Great Black Reparations Debate has already sounded, with 29 House members co-sponsoring John Conyers H.R. 40 reparations study bill , first introduced in 1989, later revised and improved and now sponsored by Texas Rep. Sheila Jackson-Lee. Less than half of the Black Caucus in the House has signed on to H.R. 40, and the actual reparations positions of even the signatories – including Jackson-Lee — are largely unknown. But that’s alright; the bill  provides only “to establish a commission to study and consider a national apology and proposal for reparations for the institution of slavery, its subsequent de jure and de facto racial and economic discrimination against African-Americans, and the impact of these forces on living African-Americans, to make recommendations to the Congress on appropriate remedies, and for other purposes.” The Black community-wide debate on Reparations and Black Futures must begin long before H.R. 40 passes in some future session of Congress, and will inform the study, itself.

“The debate must be a deep and broad discussion of the current state of the Black political economy, and our people’s visions for the future.”

Does Color of Law Book tell the Truth on Redlining? – Rothstein Solutions Critique

 Tonetalks Published on Dec 30, 2018

Attorney Antonio Moore talks with award winning urban planner Joshua Poe about his redlining finding, and his view of the book Color of Law by Richard Rothstein.

“There is nothing parochial or provincial about the project to repair four centuries of Euro-American crimes and savagery.”

Most veterans of the reparations movement are internationalists, not narrow racialists or Black American chauvinists. They have played key historical roles in the liberation of all previously colonized and enslaved peoples. There is nothing parochial or provincial about the project to repair four centuries of Euro-American crimes and savagery, in the process of which capitalism was built and brought to its imperial zenith. 

In the most profound sense, reparations means total global social transformation – and you can’t buy that with Marianne Williamson’s $100 billion scheme, or Booker’s baby bonds, or Harris’ $500 a month stipends, or even with trillions of dollars. Real redress can only come when the system that cannibalized tens of millions of Black bodies and underdeveloped most of the world for the benefit of the Lords of Capital, is demolished root and branch and just settlements made among the people’s of the Earth.

We may have come here on a slave ship, but we’re not going down with this Titanic in imperialist decline.

Read the article the excerpts don’t do it justice.



How African American WWII Veterans Were Scorned By the G.I. Bill

14 thoughts on “On Reparations, Albeit a Persistent Slavery

  1. Reparations will never work, because they try to fix a broken system that is meant to be broken.
    Only a real revolution can work. Probably only 300 heads will have to roll to change the entire world. And we already know which heads that are…

    Liked by 1 person

    • Reparations has worked in the past and will continue to work. This is nothing new, but the repairing of damaged relations. Your statements don’t serve your interest very well. It should be one of your cornerstone principle for change. You should be making it happen opposed to sending frivolous energy in the wind.

      We need induce systemic creative destruction through an alternate but natural system of free association, and democratic cooperation as was successfully done in the past. The democratic workplace is the only space where democracy is actually found in this US Representative pseudo-democracy and reparations if nothing else will lend to feeding and growing it. The democratically run Cooperative business model was used by American descendants of slavers to get through the brutal ‘Jim Crow and the Reconstruction eras of enslavement and is needed again today as chattel slavery has morphed into the prison system and wage slavery as an everyday normality.
      “Reparations is not a token gesture of concern, apology or even solidarity; it seeks justice and redress of wrongs through the transformation of a people’s condition.” As stated above, ‘Reparations Means Global Social Transformation’.

      This Representative, Democracy killing scheme and it’s infinite capital accumulation system of enslavement must be put down and
      The Call For Reparations For American Descendants Of Slaves And Continued Slavery Thru Today Exposes This Fact.

      My thoughts today, much peace !

      Liked by 1 person

      • Well, i am aware of what you are saying. However, with the people in power today, this will never work. They have to be removed first. My personal conviction is the Anarchist. No rulers at all. This does not mean no rules at all. Real freedom will only come into existence when the complete system comes down. There is no blessing in the hierarchic system, as it exists in this era. Reformation is no option. The complete system HAS to come down, there is no other way. You can look upon the justice systems, they are all of postponement, corruption and injustice. The people inside this system: Judges, lawyers and DA’s are corrupted. The whole system has to go, complete, with rules and people. All media belong to one family. The only solution is to get nthem out of the way. All else, is just a waste of time. Words in the wind, indeed.
        Of course i understand that very few people are able to put down power, when given to them. That is because the do not control their demons.
        Most people are not aware of demons lving inside them, trying to convince them they are them. And when the ‘bad’ demon wins, there is hardly a way back. Others feed only the good demon, and walk in circles, as those that feed the bad demon. Awareness is the key.


  2. Here the elders are poisoned with stuff called medicine, which is only a model to make money, and at the same time kill, or immobilize the population. It is far worse than we think it is. We will have to learn to think evil, to be able to understand it, and neutralize it.


    • No Sidd, you may, I wont, speak for yourself, that’s the box they want you in.
      Yes they reversely project themselves and want you to think like them, that’s their goal, to get you to think like them and become a mini dictator. Check out ‘The Pedagogy of the Oppressed’ by Paulo Freire.
      Few see that one of the ways the European conquered this land was through convincing our ancestors that the land could be owned without it being theft.

      Me, I refuse to become that which I despise the most, for me it’s the definition of being conquered and for me, private property as we know it is very much theft.

      Also here in the US, all pay to be poisoned with stuff called medicine, in a healthcare model that’s only about making money and maintaining control. It’s all an extension of the theft of property which has lead to taxation, slavery, death and destruction.

      Much peace and vigilance on your way Sidd.

      Liked by 1 person

      • I respect your opinion. However, knowing the way, does not mean going it. I see it like learning a language. By knowing a different language, you do not become another person. Do not be afraid to lose yourself when learning something new. The two forces called good and evil have to be used together to prevent to run in circles. You can steer your chariot only with both of them. The one in the middle, who lives in the hearth, will always decide, of you are that one, of course. Bless you. Do not confuse courage with tyranny.

        Liked by 1 person

      • We have enough negativity or evil as you put it, within in ourselves already, that we need not take on someone else’s. I suggest relearning and standing in principled affirmation.

        The Principle of Polarity

        “Everything is Dual; everything has poles; everything has its
        pair of opposites; like and unlike are the same; opposites are
        identical in nature, but different in degree; extremes meet;
        all truths are but half-truths; all paradoxes may be

        Build on PRINCIPLES- ANCIENT AFRICAN WISDOM https://kevskewl.com/2016/02/13/the-7-hermetic-principles-ancient-african-wisdom/ via @kevskewl
        Much peace and remember as Trudell and many others before and after him have stated, what we do, we must do out of love. Peace !

        Liked by 1 person

      • I like the way the American Indians thought. No private property, educated all, took care of all. Private property and capitalism must go!!! Lee c.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Yes, all the indigenous, aboriginal native peoples seemingly had this understanding.
        Civilization isn’t really civilized, it’s slavery through theft. I would also remind that it is representative democracy that
        gave us slavery in all it’s forms including capitalism. Thanks Lee much appreciated commentary and much peace.


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