Faulty Concepts & Misconceptions In Route To Non-Compliance

Faulty Concepts & Non-Compliance

The German Philosopher Johann Von Goethe, once said, there are none more hopelessly enslaved, than those who falsely believe they are free.

“We have reached a turning point in history and the veil of secrecy that has always surrounded the illuminati system is now at last being lifted. Now is the time for the people of the world to look after each other, and not the system. It really is that simple, and the world is almost on the verge of that happening now, because a new awareness is growing among the people. More and more are waking up every day, and they are spreading the word, as we all should do as often and as loudly as we can, because the masses who are still sleeping really must be woken up to what is occurring, there is quite literally nothing more important than this issue and this plan goes even deeper than the International money Cartels. There truly are deep dark forces at work controlling things here but it is through the manipulation of the money system that global control is maintained and it is that system that must first be addressed.

Its all very well for us to all talk about this stuff and to continue learning and gathering more information about it, but the time for merely gathering information is now passed. What is needed now is action, and it is needed very quickly because the prison door is swinging shut.” – Max Igan

Preparing to end our participation, or organizing a movement for preparation for global noncompliance, has the power to cripple, the insane global system, of fear and servitude. It would also nullify the states power to use false fag operations, in that the people or masses would already be prepared, to take on situations of discomfort, shortages and general separation from government services. It would also, grow and nurture, the masses understanding and ability to be more self sufficient, and sustainable. It’s a WIN, WIN, WIN, proposal ! So, store can goods, water, and learn about sustainable growing systems.

The Revolution is not coming. The Revolution is Now

Rebellion is it’s Own Justification

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