Top U.S. & World Headlines — February 16, 2016

Editors take:

Plutocracy Now

#Sickening !

-War criminal Bush takes the stage without cuffs or muzzle.
-Congress obsolete in it’s own proclaimed obstinacy.
-DNC further rigging elections.
-Bernie dismisses reparations for oppression that continues, but he’ll invest in colored communities.
-The master mind of mass incarceration and alleged pedophile Bill Clinton “we are all mixed race.” (can’t tell by the prison population)
-More appeasing babble to opiate the masses from the Pope, but Papal Bulls allowing for this theft, murder and genocide, still firmly in place.
-The UK plans to ban #BDS, from Boycotting brutal war criminal thug Israel.
-Monsanto strikes again under the guise of the Zika virus.
-*And Stevie Wonder speaks up for the disabled when we all should be living that.*

Pope Call for Financial Reform

Tuesday, February 16, 2016 see past shows

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