Realizing the power of the Blockchain network in the near future

Why Banks Should Be Wary of Bitcoin Tech

Published on Nov 17, 2015

I explain why banks should be wary of Bitcoin Tech in less than 2 minutes. Below Veritaseum is the new wallet, product that Reggie Miller is referring too.


You never have to know, trust or perform financial due diligence on your counterparty or trade partner

  • Veritaseum is Zero Trust (meaning you don’t need to know or trust the other party to the deal, trade or contract). It is counterparty and credit risk free (meaning you don’t have to worry about the other side of the transaction not fulfilling their end of the agreement for whatever er reason). Click thru: Veritaseum

  • Veritaseum Blockchain Smart Contracts are Programmable, Global and Unbreachable

    Personal and corporate finance platform that is based on unreachable, unbreakable smart contracts (self-executing, self-administering and self-enforcing versions of legal and social contracts congealed into computer code that lives and travels through the blockchain). The blockchain is a worldwide, networked consensus-based database that solves the Byzantine General and double spend problems that have plagued digital money since it’s inception.

    Veritaseum was founded by the globally renown FinTech investor, strategist and analysts Reggie Middleton (Wikipedia) and Matt Bogosian – software architect and engineer with 15 years experience in payments and new age tech companies such as Amazon, Yahoo and Grand Central (acquired by Google) as well as being a practiing patent and intellectuel property attorney in the bay area.

  • More exclusive on Veritaseum

Bitcoin card

Bitcoin’s not a currency it’s a whole new platform

Published on Nov 14, 2015

A unique way of realizing the power of the bitcoin network in the near future

What Wrong with Private Blockchains

Published on Nov 13, 2015

Explaining what the banks are doing wrong regarding thier implantation of blockchain tech at the Monetary Innovation Conference in Washington DC.

bitcoin card diggi

A Real Discussion on Currencies as Store of Value

Published on Nov 14, 2015

This is Reggie Middleton discussing currencies, a real discussion of a store of value and medium of exchange and the potential for Bitcoin relative to Fiat  bitcoin network overview

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