LAW AND ORDER, regain your history and with it your values and principles.

Universal law is the law of Nature.
For there really is, as every one to some extent divines, a natural justice and injustice that is binding on all men, even on those who have no association or covenant with each other.

Natural law – Wikipedia

https://en.wikipedia.org › wiki › Natural_law

Natural Law Mans law


Honor and Obligation, in this brilliant, yet brutal scathing chastisement of humanities loss, or misrepresentation of the origins of all facets of its society and thus its civilization born out of mans birth place in Africa, and hidden in the quantification of naming and the placement of material value. Dr. Henry Clark destroys the common faulty concept and misconception of a European, Greek beginning to civilization. It all begins in mother Africa, with Honor and Obligation.

Profound Truth

Arguments Against Anarchism (2018)

Published on Aug 13, 2018

Transcript: https://theanarchistlibrary.org/libra… The fourth and final instalment in this four part introduction to anarchism. This is an updated version of an old video I did responding to objections to anarchism. That video can be found here if you’re curious: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4XEos…

Natural law expressions

‘From Gangs To Gardens’

AfropunkFEATURE- ‘From Gangs To

Solutions: Guerrilla Gardening

Check out filmmaker JLove Calderon‘s new film, ‘From Gangs To Gardens’ – a documentary following gang member turned organic gardener Ietef Vita. Vita, a hip hop musician, uses hip-hop culture to inspire young people to connect to the earth and educate them on gardening and healthy eating. In the film, Vita – who was recently invited, along with wife Alkemia (pictured below), to the White House to rep for Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move campaign – states, “Tribalism is ingrained in us. We’re supposed to rep our hoods, our community. But when it becomes violent, when it becomes destructive, that’s why I realized that enough of this has happened.” Watch the trailer below and CLICK HERE to see the film in full (co-produced by M1 from dead prez).


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