Water, Air and Raw Foods as Human Rights

Nestle EX-CEO: Water Is Not A Human Right, Should Be Privatized



Nestle Now Ex-CEO: Peter Brabeck, actually says that the solution, that our most precious resource, save air, water, as a public right is an extreme solution, thus Water Is Not A Human Right, Should Be Privatized, and given a value. At some point, if not stopped, these parasitic corporations will seek to meter and capitalize off of a souls first breath into this existence.

I would say that the Earths Water Supply already has a value, not only to the 7 billion human inhabitants of the Earth, but the animal or otherwise creatures populating the planet, and that if we buy into his corporate models bull shit. eventually we will be buying our next breath of air.

We must be mindful that it was this same corporate model, that polluted our water ways in the first place, that is now usurping it, packaging it and selling what was already ours, back to us, at a cost higher than refined gasoline.

I would be re-missed not to also mention that Mr. Nestle CEO Peter Brabeck: Believes Corporations Come Before Humanity and that the Natural and Organic, that allows for our very existence, is not good for us. He says that man can make a better balance, never mentioning, mans ability to ruin the balance that already exists and allows for us. If this sounds insane to you, that’s because it is. He is and the corporate model, and it’s call for an infinite resource base is also.

We need rapidly end the incorporation of the Earth and begin Co-operating with it and it’s inhabitants.

 Water Wars, Here are the facts.

Water Wars City

Water Wars 1: Scarcity

Billions of people around the world have little or no access to clean water — and experts believe this situation will only worsen. In fact, some analysts believe the next world war won’t be over nukes or ideology — but, instead, a war over water.

Global water grabbing by pungently obnoxious necrotrophic parasites | Nana Silvergrim

Cyberguerrilla productions and resources

Water grabbing is not a new phenomenon and has much in common with earlier resource grabs and what has been called the “enclosures of the commons.”

The purpose of the many powerful business coalitions that corporations have formed in recent decades is to ensure that corporate interests are advanced over the welfare, health and other interests of national populations and to undermine the democratic process for deciding government priorities and policies. What business leaders seek, and to a large extent have achieved, are “business-managed democracies”, that is, democracies where the politics and cultural life of nations are managed in the interests of business.

The new dimension of contemporary water grabbing is that the mechanisms for appropriating and converting water resources into private goods are much more advanced and increasingly globalised, subject to international laws on foreign investment and trade.

via Global water grabbing by pungently obnoxious necrotrophic parasites | Nana Silvergrim.

Water wars

Water wars upcoming, we need co-op to stop resource wars – UN Envo Program Director

Published on Apr 16, 2015

As technology has improved over recent years, the global transition to renewable energy has gained momentum. But despite these advances, trillions of dollars of investments are still needed to offset global warming. How can we manage global resources in a sustainable and efficient way, and can we prevent them from becoming sources of conflict? Oksana is joined by Achim Steiner, executive director of the UN Environment Program, to shed light on these issues.

Water wars?

As the world population swells and the demand for water grows, we examine brewing water conflicts in the Middle East.

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