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Dirty Buisness

Local legislators and media personalities across the country, are helping to devalue and degrade the average Americans quality of life. From coast to coast they’re working with corporate interest to with hold water and pensions in Detroit, refuse the grid to innovative solar energy producing homes from California and Arizona clear to the east coast, and who knows what else they’re working against us on.

NBC Anchor Brian Williams Cops to Fibbing About Iraq War Story

For years, Brian Williams, the anchor of NBC Nightly News, has claimed to have been aboard a military helicopter that was forced to land after being hit with an RPG during the 2003 invasion of Iraq. He’s now copping to the fact that the story is not true.  Source: NBC Anchor Brian Williams Cops to Fibbing About Iraq War Story

 CBS Philadelphia Recalls Clinton Sniper Fire Lie

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CBS Hillary-Gate ’08: Clinton Admits Lying about Bosnia Trip

Published on Feb 5, 2015

On CBS Philadelphia on February 5, 2015, radio host Chris Stigall plays former CBS reporter Sharyl Attkisson’s retelling of Hillary Clinton’s phony sniper fire story from the 2008 presidential campaign

 Lies, and more lies coupled with corruption, from top down throughout US government.

Recently I’ve made it a point to catch and keep up with my local media. When I think of the local media today, I think of a down-home, more caring version of the corrupt corporate media, just a tad bit truer than what we get as a nation or globally. What I would expect, I guess from the local media personalities, that not only have to live here, with the locals they smile, giggle and grin at everyday over, police brutality, roads, tragic failing infrastructure, resource allocation, climate what if’s, as well as economic plans, schemes and much, much more. I mean they live here, yet they’re actually complicit with their own demise, as they spew out, faulty, filtered, garbage news bits, gauging questions and advertisement from start to finish.

Just yesterday they ran this article titled ‘Philadelphia City Council Candidate Hijacks Domain Names To Steer Voters From His Opponent’ with, what I gathered to be a population gauging question, ‘Is this ok?’ basically trying to access the populations moral compose. the story went as such, City Councilman Kenyatta Johnson’s, Democratic Primary challenger, Ori Feibush, bought the domain names representing the councilman.

So, when you type in, .org or .net, you will be redirected to Feibush’s campaign page.

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Quoting CBS “

Councilman Johnson says he isn’t bothered by the political tactic. He is taking the high road.

“I run a clean campaign. This is about the issues that matter to voters. That’s not the type of campaign that we operate.”

His campaign website is

“Hopefully folks will be able to go and find more information my platform and how I will move 2nd council district and city of Philadelphia forward.”

Eyewitness News went to Feibush’s campaign office, but he was not available for an interview.

This is the real estate developer’s first time running for a political office.

His campaign manager did give a statement, saying in part: “Our decision to redirect domain names associated with Councilman Johnson  to was a simple measure to let voters know that there is a better option to represent their voice.”

Political expert Bill Rosenburg says, “If you think about campaign and dirty tricks this is nothing really new.”

Rosenburg is a political science professor at Drexel University.

He says there is nothing illegal about cyber squatting someone’s name, but it could backfire against Feibush.

“You have to make a determination about doing little tactics like this, whether that is a serious enough person to represent people in council.”

Rosenburg’s advice for future politicians,”You should go out and buy all your .com’s, .net’s, the dot-everything to protect your brand.”  — Source & video:

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My first thought was this is fraud, another young criminal trying to find his way home into politics, and I was right. I don’t know if it’s considered fraud to anyone else but it’s damn sure fraud to me. Where we should be electing people with integrity to serve folks and denouncing Ayn Rand type greedy selfish philosophies from government, our local media is gauging how much malfeasance we will allow for. I mean there was no other reason for CBS to ask the question, we all know the answer to it, it’s foul, border line fraud, a definite lack of honor and integrity.

Needless to say that if, City Councilman Kenyatta Johnson, who happens to be considered black, had done the same thing to his challenger, Ori Feibush, who happens to be considered white, the question would not have even been asked. Hell, the title would have changed, to ‘Councilman commits fraud, lacks integrity,’ I almost have to think, that the real question being asked here was, if it’s ok for a white candidate to defraud a black incumbent in the year 2015, and I guess we will see.

My point is common to most of us, that after a few days of keeping up with my local media, it’s obvious that they are not a kinder, more caring version of the criminal corporate mega entertainment cabals, posing as news or free press outlets. The talking head personalities, being propped up in front of teleprompters to smile, laugh, giggle and grin the elite’s message of ‘Don’t Worry Be Happy.’ go on back to sleep, we got this till your end, down our throats all day, everyday, are possibly more dangeous than those who spew their polarizing charms worldwide. If not worse, at least very much the same. The difference being only of the illusion, that they care for at least the region they reside in, what’s going on in it, how, and why. They don’t deserve our communities allegiance or admiration, instead a good ousting and our sternist amount of disdain.

Dirty buisiness Nixxon

That being said we don’t only have a utterly corrupted media, local or otherwise, we have a totally corrupted 2 party 1 agenda political system nationally as well as locally to complement, and sustain it.

Do you recall what the NJ Borough of Helmetta Police Department Special Police Officer Richard Recine said on film.

You know, the trickle-Down Tyranny statement, “Obama has decimated the friggin Constitution, so I don’t give a damn. ’Cause if he doesn’t follow the Constitution, we don’t have to.”  I’ll drop the video down below and press on through my point.

The Helmetta, borough council promised an investigation but instead of doing that, or in spite of that,

the borough council decided to propose an ordinance to ban people from taking photographs and videos inside public buildings, with certain exclusions. This act of safe guarding the state, decimates the rights of the people to know and act on what is known. This is what renders the people powerless in their own governance.

After cop’s viral Obama rant, town seeks ban on videos

Under the proposed ordinance, a permit would have to be secured and approved by the borough before any photographs or videos could be taken on the interior of any public building. The proposed ordinance does not apply to the taking of pictures and videos at any meetings which are held in accordance with the Open Public Meetings Act.

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Accountability Meter

Is this what America has become? So called authority figures, from police officers to government officials, who hold offices and positions in which they are supposed to serve the public, instead blatantly state that the obvious, that they will do whatever they want and could care less about a Constitution? Should we expect and except local lawlessness from the very agencies who are supposed to uphold and safe guard the law?

Well I do not consent and withdraw participation. I’ll find other ways to co-operate with my fellow Americans.

I do very much suggest Cooperatives and Voluntarism.

Accountibility Personal

Some commentary:

NJ Cop — If Obama doesn’t Follow Constitution, we don’t have to Follow Constitution

  Last Week Tonight – Ayn Rand

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 Criminal Context

The malfeasance being witnessed on the world stage today, must be seen as it is in the reality of a bedeviling, heightened level of criminality in it’s proper context. Western governments acting and conjuring, through NGO’s, Corporate mercenaries and their Alphabet lettered intelligence groups, have brought about the toppling of one government after another, under the guise of solving problems and stopping atrocities, that they themselves helped to create. Up to now, most have only looked at this scourge, as a clash of civilizations.

Not anymore, in the video below Gordon Duff sets the proper reality and context, to criminality like never seen before on earth. He also shines a light on the political coups that have taken place within western governments, to allow for uninterrupted war across the globe.  With the proper context set to criminality, transparency is available to the informed witness, to bring exposure and an end to the international criminal organizations march to madness.

Syria Terror Conference – Gordon Duff Blasts the Truth!(Criminal Element)

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Terrorism War on Humanity

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