60 minutes ask, Is the U.S. stock market rigged? Click thru:

!  !  !  A  A  A  rigged system

Does this scathing indictment of the systemic fraud and corruption in the mortgage industry, ultimately indict the greater global  corporate governance system ? It’s all fraud, all facets of government along with corporate responsibilities implicated even the Justice Department in this complete failure and fall into corruption, right inline with the whole of our present day global corporate governance system and corroborating institutions financial, educational, spiritual or otherwise.

I would be remiss of good sense, not to take this opportunity to ask, can it all be fraud, down to our citizenry? Fraud is such that when one realizes, that they have been defrauded, they have no obligation to the entity doing the fraud and would be insane to continue on with the relationship inside the realized fraud. The truths, embedded below make the case  for this. It means everything and nothing, as even the truth must be realized by the masses to hold weight. I suggest that we give power to this truth by informing others and doing our due diligence by researching the information further.


Glenn Greenwald “Lobbying = Legalized Bribery!”

NotLawful –

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New York attorney general accuses Barclays of ‘dark pool’ fraud

(Reuters) – New York’s attorney general has filed a securities fraud lawsuit against Barclays, accusing the British bank of giving an unfair edge in the United States to high-frequency traders, while claiming to be protecting other clients from them.

News of the lawsuit, which relates to Barclays’ LX Liquidity Cross ‘dark pool’ alternative trading system, drove a 5 percent fall in Barclays shares on Thursday. It also hit shares in Europe’s Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank and UBS as traders fretted about the possibility they could also be targeted.

The New York State attorney general’s lawsuit alleges that Barclays promised to get the best possible prices for customers looking to buy or sell shares but instead took steps that maximized the bank’s profits and executed nearly all of its customers’ stock orders on LX instead of on exchanges or other venues that might have offered better prices.

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As Wells Fargo is Accused of Fabricating Foreclosure Papers, Will Banks Keep Escaping Prosecution?

As Wells Fargo is Accused of Fabricating Foreclosure Papers, Will Banks Keep Escaping Prosecution?

Published on Mar 21, 2014

– A new internal report says the Justice Department massively overstated its successes in targeting mortgage fraud while in fact ranking it as a low priority for investigation. The Justice Department’s inspector general says despite playing a central role in the nation’s financial crisis, mortgage fraud was deemed either a low priority or not a priority at all. This comes as a recently revealed internal Wells Fargo document appears to guide lawyers step-by-step on how to fabricate missing documents to foreclose on homeowners. Wells Fargo is the country’s largest mortgage servicer and services some 9 million home loans.

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The United States of ALEC: Bill Moyers on the Corporate-Legislative Body Writing Our Laws 1 of 2

“In Politics, nothing is accidental. If something happens, be assured
it was planned this way.”–Franklin D. Roosevelt, 32 Degree Mason



noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

In law, the deliberate misrepresentation of fact for the purpose of depriving someone of a valuable possession or legal right. Any omission or concealment that is injurious to another or that allows a person to take unconscionable advantage of another may constitute criminal fraud. The most common type of fraud is the obtaining of property by giving a check for which there are insufficient funds in the signer’s account. Another is the assumption of someone Else’s or a fictitious identity with the intent to deceive. Also important are mail and wire fraud (fraud committed by use of the postal service or electronic devices, such as telephones or computers). A tort action based on fraud is sometimes referred to as an action of deceit.

Jordan Maxwell raw and uncut – Part 3: An Intellihub News exclusive

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How the Law Is Used to Destroy Equality and Protect the Powerful: Noam Chomsky & Glenn Greenwald

Published on Aug 5, 2013

The basis for power elite membership is institutional power, namely an influential position within a prominent private or public organization. One study of power elites in the USA under George W. Bush identified 7,314 institutional positions of power encompassing 5,778 individuals.[15] A later study of US society found that the demographics of this elite group broke down as follows:

Age Corporate leaders average about 60 years of age. The heads of foundations, law, education, and civic organizations average around 62 years of age. Government-sector members about 56.
Gender Women are barely represented among corporate leadership in the institutional elite and women only contribute roughly 20 percent in the political realm. They do appear more among top positions when it comes to cultural affairs, education, and foundations.
Ethnicity White Anglo-Saxons dominate in the power elite, with Protestants representing about 80 percent of the top business leaders and about 73 percent of members of Congress.

!  ! !  A The Trans-Pacific Partnership


“He [Patrick Henry] boycotted the Constitutional Convention of 1787 because, as he so eloquently put it, “I smell a rat ” and suspected the worst: that the independent colonies that had thrived for over a century were to be herded under one consolidated government, a vast government apparatus founded not on liberty, but on the bureaucratic dreams of monarchists and mercantilists like Alexander Hamilton.”

This presentation will explain some of the issues the American People face in this country today and why. It will show a clear path of destruction of your rights over the last 150 years. This is not everything that is wrong, but it will get you looking at the real truths we are facing. The reason I did this video is I wanted to show the people the proof of what has happened and it will show you the right places to start looking so you can educate yourself. One thing I promise you is this, if you go in search of what has taken us to where we are today you will find an amazing story that goes back thousands of years.
The other thing I want to tell you is this and though it may be hard for people to understand it’s not Washington D.C.’s fault. The people have failed to take responsibility for themselves and their government, so when you fail to take responsibility for your actions someone else will and you will not like how that ends up.

Here you will find the Documents in this presentation. http://www.mediafire.com/?f3fkky4f2sq…

Sen. Rand Paul Speaks Out Against Senators Voting without Reading the Bills

!  !  !  a  A  A  AYOUR WORLD


Court System Finally Exposed! Amazing Courtroom Audio! (SHARE!!!!!!!!)

Change what you value and change your world.

!  !  !  A  A  AI am not

What do you Value?

What we value is indoctrinated into us by the societies we grow in and are not necessarily what we should value.

We value the wrong things the material, and money, opposed to the more tangible human life and relationships, that are more vital to our survival than anything else, save Air, Water and Food. EMPATHY can help us as it is the water of revolution, the key to us finally ending the struggle and the mistakes of the past. By empathizing with one another, we can relate to one another and build in all situations.

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