Always day, lets use the whole of it.
We all know that our so many overlapping issues, weaken the core goal that we all share. Change, from poverty to sustainability, from an empty materialistic value system, to one that is full of the value that is life. The ending, of vial parasitic governments, that perpetuate an obsolete, poor quality of life for the average soul. I’ll get to my point.
My point speaks toward the day, and going forward in the day, in every direction. Uniting and centering our resistance, and, or applicable force in one direction, the facilitating of solar energy, on every rooftop, structure, hell anything and everything we can ficture, clear across the globe. While combining and supporting all overlapping issues, I believe we can weaken the corporate model from all directions, forcing it to get in line, or starve, all the while ceasing back our humanity, from a failed corporate model, which conspires to lower us, to it’s idea of a person-hood.
Supporting and facilitating the success of solar everywhere, would lend support to many, of our other issues, if not all, while weakening the fossil fuel industries, nuclear, drugs(pharmaceuticals), no more tar sands, pipelines, toxic spills, and the end to criminal banking and government corruption.
Clean air, clean water, hemp product manufacturing, all are easily supported in same acts, that could be centered around solar everywhere.
Solar energy, is tangible freedom. You wouldn’t work 60 hours a week, if you didn’t have to, because then it wouldn’t be work, but what you choose or love to do with your time. This freedom would allow for a more sustainable life, one where we would have more time to learn how to properly take care of ourselves and love ones.
Imagine, a solar powered home, Aquaponics systems and gardens, 3d printers, one or more in every home, Computer driven education and community decision making, and no, I say no, utility companies, save maybe water.
The freedom solar energy will allow for the average person, will possibly, never have been attained before on earth, not in our time at least. One would no longer have to pay to live, as yes, that is what we do now, slavery paying to live.
Instead of following the elites off the cliff that will surly end, with us paying to even breath, lets forge off on our own path, to the aspirations of the average gentle soul.
Nahko Bear is jammin, on the pic’s click thru (Medicine for the People) ღ Aloha Ke kua
Hey you guys know how to get this down, lets do it, thanks for the ear, just thinking out loud again, PEACE2ALL

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