Storm on the horizon

Storm on the horizon

Do yo see the Storm on the horizon ? If so, You are the Resistance.
I wasn’t there to see the transgression, from coal, to oil or gas, whatever you use. I wasn’t here for the standardization of electricity into homes, here in America.
I have seen, how effortlessly the corporate model changed from VHS, to tapes and CD’s, also from tubes, to flat screen TV’s. I am certain, that many of the changes put in by the corporate model, are put to use unannounced and unchallenged, by you and I. Big Pharma for incidence.
What I want to say, is only that we most transgress from fossil fuels, to Solar energy, without the push of the corporate model.
I also wanted to acknowledge, that as we are finding present day fossil fuels obsolete, I am also throwing much of modern day ideals, understandings, assumption, institutions, and forms of governance, into the flames of come and gone. Solar power, will free us, the average person, whereas we don’t need them anymore, and they know it.
Therefor the elite will fight Solar, as we will fight for Solar, but our fight will not be for Solar alone, but self governance even. Click through picture link as Max Kegan, speaks better than I write. ‘You Are The Resistance’ !

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