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 TRUTH, The Start Line/Finish Line

Truth hate speach

Stand in and on the TRUTH, one foot set on lies leaves one in an unstable reality.

*A world bound in lies, fettered in deceit.  This has to stop*, there is no cute picture attached to this blog, as it is a plea, to My fellow Americans and the People of the world.
If you are conscious or not, you can see the world crumbling around you. As our days are filed with senseless deaths around the globe, a globe fashioned together by unsustainable dark age derived systems, senselessly held  into practice by greedy oligarchs, their dieing corrupted institutions, and well armed thug intelligence police departments .  In fact we have allowed them outright parasitic demolition of Mother Earth, along with UN-sufficient individual efforts, you and I both know, nothing good can come of this !
We must know that “We do not inherit the Earth from our Ancestors, we borrow it from our Children”.~Ancient Indian Proverb

Malcolm X reminds us of The Price of Freedom

If we think anything of humanity, love ourselves, and seek to continue into a bright future, we must halt our current parasitic behaviors and ways. It’s obvious, our offspring wont be admonishing us, for our lack of forethought and foresight, as they will not be there to do so.
Many have given up on change, delegating that authority to leaders, that neither share our aspirations or ideals. Many are in waiting of a portal of light to open up, or the holy Christ to show up in the skies. Great no problem with that, save lets be ready. Lets be in the process, lets already have started the healing of our only planet and the only race, we know to be of tangible relevance, the human race.
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 The Truth of Today is Fettered in all Encompassing Zionist manacles of deceit

Why a Global Culling Now ?? Zbigniew Brzezinski Massive global political awakening


CrossTalk: Reluctant coalition

Published on Sep 29, 2014

Would an intervention into Iraq by the US be a smart move? Does the US intentionally create chaos in the region? How will Syria and the rest of the Middle East react to the latest US airstrikes against the Islamic State in a sovereign country? Will Washington gather enough support to start another military campaign in the Middle East? CrossTalking with Joe Lauria, Scott Rickard, and Nadim Shehadi.


The Debate – Dubious Mission

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All of our wise and knowledgeable scriptures and text, tell us how to live a life free from strife and complication, yet we follow none as we follow government policy witch are in direct conflict to these ways of living. Your government war’s all over the world, they allow starvation, as it interferes with their quest for more, more, more obsolete in 6 months goods. In the mean while they strap us with more debt or harsher forms of servitude. As they do this, our individual efforts to combat the atrocities, become more and more dispirit and futile.

Wright wasn’t wrong !!

The real sermon given by Pastor Wright:

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Church Tyrants

!  !  !  A  A  AAnimate MJ

               MJ was a Revolutionary !

Today it is not surprising to see, or hear, of people self emulating themselves (yes, setting themselves on fire), or going on hunger strikes. They have no other recourse and the numbers of us doing this is growing. Will we wait, until we can do nothing else but to pore gasoline on ourselves and strike a match ? Why should we ?
We can just say NO, NO MORE, enough of this Madness. Stand up as one, or and as many, stand up for whatever you believe in your heart, to be right, but do stand up ! the time is now, the hour is late, and your world is yours, as this world is ours. The few should no longer, live off the backs of the many, all the while raping and pillaging mother earth as if they have some where else to go ! Maybe they do, the question is, do you ? The Truth being The Light and The Way, lets start there.

Prisons are NOT Part of the Natural Order

Published on May 26, 2014

Dan Piper speaks at the Hartford 24/05/2014 at the rally in support of “Jane Doe.” Tells a surprising history of prisons in America.


Unfettered Truths:

-The Deception of israel | Shaykh Imran Hosein:

-Wake Up – All of the Abrahamic religions today were pieced together in Rome – Shocking! Evidence the ‘Vatican’ Is Behind Writing ‘Quran':

-It’s time to wake up now

-Ray Hagins: It’s time to wake up now!

-Shakka Ahmose Exposes Imam Bashir, Wesley Muhammad & ISLAM!:

-Ukraine Russia And Zionists Already Involved – Joaquin

 -Larry Silverstein 9/11 Insurance Fraud “Trial” Begins In New York



Wright wasn’t wrong !!

The real sermon given by Pastor Wright:


The Reconstruction of Sovereign Debt for All Nations?? The Reformulation of The Security Council organisms, as well as The International Monetary Fund?? *‪#‎MSM‬ CENSORING*

In her extraordinary speech in the United Nations General Assembly, which not surprisingly has been censored by Western Mass Media, She pointed out to the U.S. corporate regime’s hypocrisy in dealing with rest of the world. She also opens the eyes of the world to the colonial practices of one of the western corporate economic tools aka “Vulture Fund” economic Terrorism.

-Nobel Economist Joseph Stiglitz Hails New BRICS Bank Challenging U.S.-Dominated World Bank & IMF


Ben Fulford 9/29/14 BIS wishes to keep global central banking system intact after revolution

When Will The Economy Collapse?



Click thru for area’s of concern:

-The NDAA Explained in 3 Minutes


 -An Israeli Soldier’s Story – Eran Efrati


-“Harvest of Empire”: New Doc Tells How US Intervention Caused Mass Latin American

At a time of heated and divisive debate over immigration, the new feature-length documentary, “Harvest of Empire,” examines the direct connection between the long history of U.S. intervention in Latin America and the immigration crisis we face today.

- One of the massive purchase orders for hollow points and buckshot:…

Unfunded liabilities…

- Leaked Document: Government setting up military detention centers for Activists:…

- The document itself:…


- Why a dollar and Euro Collapse is Guaranteed:…

Any questions ???

Any questions ???

Bashar. I am meditation


Let Your Life Be a Friction to Stop the Machine



  • Go Obama. Hot full Speech Rev. Wright, Everything true

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    FOX Lies!! The real sermon given by Pastor Wright

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    “The Solution is to Make Your Own System”

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    Prisons are NOT Part of the Natural Order

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    Let’s make everything FREE! An introduction to The Free World Charter.

kevin chambers:

Im asking everyone to copy this, share this, do what ever you have to do to get the word out to melt the phone lines starting

Originally posted on The Global News and Views:


Dear Israel: The World is Watching You

If you run Facebook groups, have a twitter account or a website. PLEASE make your own post and help start a phone storm on Congress. Everyone has my permission to copy this and put it out there.

Im asking everyone to copy this, share this, do what ever you have to do to get the word out to melt the phone lines starting

9am EST Monday, July 28th 2014.

The Third World War is planned to begin when Israel goes to war against her Arab enemies. Then, and only then, will all the other elements begin to occur and they will do so in rapid succession. The plan is to have one disaster following another in such rapid succession that, before people can mentally and emotionally handle one disastrous news…

View original 1,927 more words



Detroit’s Water Shut-off’s at the Centre of Bankruptcy Proceedings

Published on Sep 23, 2014

Glen Ford Report: Detroit sits on the Great Lakes system that is the biggest source of fresh water on the planet and yet it is shutting off water of the poor, while providing deferrals to corporations

No Water For Motown: Why Detroit Is Denying Its Citizens This Basic Human Right

And as if depriving people of a basic human right isn’t outrageous enough, the byzantine legal and financial machinations behind the city’s actions are truly galling. The details, as described in Counterpunch by Detroit lawyer Tom Stephens, are dizzying—even the oversimplified Godfather analogy that he uses to analogize the city’s shady dealings requires a careful parsing—but they boil down to the simple premise that Motown values its financial-institution creditors more than its own citizens. It’s but another example of the 1 Percent’s preferences taking precedence over the Ninety-nine’s necessities. Indeed, many believe that DWSD’s strong-arm tactics are part of a larger plan to make the utility more attractive to private investors.

One of emergency city manager Kevyn Orr’s first acts was to sign off on the hiring of his former employer, Jones Day, as the law firm supervising the city’s bankruptcy—”despite the fact,” Mark Binelli wrote in The New York Times last year, “that Jones Day already represents some of the very banks holding said debt, including JPMorgan Chase and Bank of America.” (Experts estimate that Detroit’s bill for Jones Day’s services will be around $100 million.) None of this is, of course, evidence of cronyism, but if it walks like a duck.  Read more:


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Sign the petition: Declare a public health emergency in Detroit

The Detroit Water and Sewerage Department is shutting off water at thousands of Detroit residences each week, even if their account debt was incurred by previous owners. That means families don’t have water to drink, wash their hands or flush their toilets in their own homes.

This is ad clear violation of the human right to water, and without access to water, lack of sanitation poses serious health concerns.

Read more and Sign:

Nestle CEO: Corporations Come Before Humanity

Published on May 14, 2013

This is a stunning (and I mean stunning) interview. This is for anyone who is still walking around in an unawakened stupor… in this interview – water is not a human right… these are the people running the world folks… it’s time to pop your head out of your butt and wake up…


Boycott !

Concerned Citizens need make their voices heard !

Water is Free !

01 (54)

Anonymous – The Worlds Water Supply Privatization

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Nana silvergrim

Water and sanitation are a human right!

Water is a public good, not a commodity. We invite the European Commission to propose legislation implementing the human right to water and sanitation as recognised by the United Nations, and promoting the provision of water and sanitation as essential public services for all. The EU legislation should require governments to ensure and to provide all citizens with sufficient and clean drinking water and sanitation. We urge that:

  1. The EU institutions and Member States be obliged to ensure that all inhabitants enjoy the right to water and sanitation.
  2. Water supply and management of water resources not be subject to ‘internal market rules’ and that water services are excluded from liberalisation.
  3. The EU increases its efforts to achieve universal access to water and sanitation.

Read more on Right2Water | Follow @right2water on Twitter

More Nana silvergrim

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Prisons are NOT Part of the Natural Order

Published on May 26, 2014

Dan Piper speaks at the Hartford 24/05/2014 at the rally in support of “Jane Doe.” Tells a surprising history of prisons in America.

“How Immigration Became Illegal”: Aviva Chomsky on U.S. Exploitation of Migrant Workers

Guess who employs the most illegal immigrants


Bob Marley – Could You Be Loved Live In Dortmund, Germany ’80

Can you be loved !!

 Let Your Life Be a Friction to Stop the Machine:

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bob marley war no more trouble


bob marley – redemption song

!  !  !  A  bob Until the color of a man's skin,


Bob Marley – Crazy Baldhead (Live)

Donna Wright shared BobMarley

Bob Marley – Natural Mystic


  1.   Thumbnail

    Bob Marley – Could You Be Loved Live In Dortmund, Germany ’80

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    Bob marley “no woman no cry” 1979

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    Bob Marley- Africa Unite (live)

  4.   Thumbnail

    Bob Marley – redemption song acustic

  5.   Thumbnail

    Bob Marley – I shot the sheriff (Live)

  6.   Thumbnail

    Bob Marley – Redemption Song Live In Dortmund, Germany

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    Bob Marley: Live in Santa Barbara [COMPLETO]

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    Bob Marley – WAR

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    Work / Natty Dread ~ Bob Marley and the Wailers ~ Live 1980

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    Bob Marley, Concrete jungle.

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    Bob Marley – No Woman No Cry Live In

Lies directing American foreign policy abroad and  empowering reason and rise to a police state here at home.

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America and the world today is in a state of  Cognitive Dissonance or Willful blindness. This being the case, we must prepare our minds to comprehend the truth, that the Zionist state of Israel, manipulates the U.S. government to survive. By unveiling the lie of  the fraudulent Zionist state of Israel having biblical ties to Palestine, the myth of the British crown, and Saudi monarchy, we find their complicity in the atrocities of September 11, 2001, as well as expose their irrational reasoning for perpetuating terror across the globe today.


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CrossTalk: Global Jihad?

Published on Jul 6, 2014

Who is drawing the map of the New Middle East today? Does the crisis need any more outside intervention? And who are the powers that can replace Washington in the region? CrossTalking with Michael Barnett, Gawdat Bahgat and Scott Rickard.

The Deception of israel | Shaykh Imran Hosein


Certain states helped create Islamist extremism’ – Iran’s Rouhani to UN Gen Assembly (FULL SPEECH)


The Ukraine Solution: Two Jewish Homelands

At first, this result was deemed unhappy, even ominous, but, says Wald, Prime Minister Netanyahu and his advisors surprised us by bringing in their “Ukraine Solution.” Some Jewish settlers would leave Israel and return to Ukraine. This resettling into Ukraine would take time, for reasons of logistics and economics. The end result, however, would be two Jewish homelands, Israel and Ukraine.

“We’re not talking about all the Ashkenazi Jews going back to Ukraine,” explained a well-placed source in intelligence circles, “obviously this is not practical.”

Wald calls this solution “Khazaria 2.0.” “All Jews will be welcomed back to Ukraine without condition as citizens.” What’s more, the Israeli government promises an “infusion of massive Israeli military assistance” to Ukraine, “including troops, equipment, and construction of new bases.”

“If the initial transfer works, other West Bank settlers would be encouraged to relocate to Ukraine as well.”

In effect, Ukraine is to become an “autonomous Jewish domain,” a small-scale successor to the medieval empire of Khazaria… It would be called, in Yiddish, Chazerai.

“By lining up with the Syrian rebels and Ukraine, as well as Georgia and Azerbaijan” (also part of the ancient Khazarian territory), one source explains, Netanyahu “puts pressure on both Syria and Russia.”

Ukraine Russia And Zionists Already Involved – Joaquin

Petro Poroshenko, new President of Ukraine, is Jewish. The Jews, with U.S. support and manipulation, now control Ukraine and are busy murdering Ukranians and setting up concentration camps. Israel plans to make Ukraine a second Jewish homeland. Currently, a meager 0.2 percent of Ukraine is made up of Jews, but the Jewish minority took over the USSR and massacred 66 million people!

Israel and U.S. Stage a Bloody Coup in Ukraine

Thus, we understand the current Ukraine political mess. The Jews launched the quest for their new Ukrainian homeland. They have support from the United States, as witness—the Jewish diplomat, Victoria Nuland, of the State Department. The U.S. is warning Vladimir Putin to keep a distance from Ukraine and to relinquish Russia’s historic ties to that nation, now ruled by Israel.

The constitutionally elected Ukrainian President, Yanukovych, was overthrown last year by the U.S. and Israel, with the CIA and the Mossad both deeply involved. A Jewish billionaire, Petro Poroshenko, was quickly installed as President. Jewish money and military might is constantly being flown into Ukraine. Ukrainian Christians (not Jews!) are being slaughtered. Genocide is underway.

All property is being appropriated by Jewish oligarchs. The Israelis learned in Turkey (1905), the Soviet Union (1917), and Palestine (1948) how to work as a corrupt and calculating “minority” to dominate a larger, gentile majority.


Terrorists control The White House:

Domination of America

In 2007, American political science professors James Petras, John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt reached the conclusion that America’s foreign policy is now dominated by the Israel Lobby. The Jews do this through their powerful monied groups, AIPAC, the ADL, and the AJC. They control both the Republican and the Democrat Parties, and the White House does their bidding. That bidding includes the conquest of Ukraine.

But, how did the Jews come to acknowledge their Khazarian bloodline link? Professor Jim Wald notes in The Times of Israel:

“The surprising turn of events had an even more surprising origin: Genetics, a field in which Israeli scholars have long excelled.“It is well known that sometime in the eighth and ninth centuries, the Khazars, a warlike Turkic people, converted to Judaism and ruled over a vast domain in what became southern Russia and Ukraine. What happened to them after the Russians destroyed that empire around the eleventh century has become a mystery. Many have speculated that the Khazars became the ancestors of Ashkenazi Jews.“During the U.N. debate over Palestine’s partition, Chaim Weizman responded… ‘It is very strange. All my life I have been a Jew, felt like a Jew, and I now learn that I am a Khazar.’”

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Decades of Deception

Israel and Saudi Arabia are Sisters



Know your Master !

Former Al-Qaeda Leader says that the CIA runs Al-Nusra, and Al-Qaeda.

Published on May 18, 2014

The following is an interview of Osama bin Laden’s personal guard, Nabil Na’eem Abul Fattah. Na’eem tells Lebanon’s Asian Society Information Agency in an interview that not only is the leader of Al-Qaeda, his former colleague Ayman Al-Zawahiri, a US double agent working on behalf of the interests of Washington, but that the leader of Jabhat Al-Nusra is a US agent fighting inside Syria.

He talks about the revolt of the Syrian branch of the Muslim Brotherhood against Hafez Al-Assad and explains that ideas about a new caliphate are a tool of US foreign policy. He also says that the foreign fighters in Syria are fools who are “fighting the war in Syria on America’s behalf.” Warning them that they will all be killed or put in prison after they serve their purposes “like what happened to us after Afghanistan.”

 The Truthseeker: 9/11 & Operation Gladio 

Published on Sep 8, 2013

‘Bigger than Watergate': US ‘regular’ meetings with Al-Qaeda’s leader; documented White House ‘false flag terrorism’ moving people ‘like sheep'; the father of Twin Towers victim tell us why he backs this month’s 9/11 campaign on Times Square and around the world; & the protests calendar for September.

Seek truth from facts to eliminate fraud.


Study of the genome background of the worlds Jewish population

Jewish Genome Myth, DNA says no biblical blood tie !

!  ! ! media lies

Genome Evolution of Jewish Population John Hopkins Access published December 14, 2012

On December 14, 2012, Dr. Eran Elhaik turned almost two generations of Jewish genome research upside down.

But he went even further. The young Israeli-American geneticist has charged former researchers with academic fraud, and he has the research to back it up.

How could those those eminent Jewish scientist before him have been so wrong? Easy says Dr. Elhaik, “First these researchers decided what conclusions they wanted to find, and then they set off to find evidence to support it.” I was not bashing Jewish scientists. What Elhaik has described is a slam dunk fraud.

Genome Evolution of Jewish Population John Hopkins Access published December 14, 2012 doi:10.1093/gbe/evs119

We shall now see if others choose to be free, or to run with the gang. The militant Israelis, they always knew this day was coming. That is what their nukes have been for, always. They knew.

Jewish Genome Myth BUSTED!:

Israeli Apartheid Week 2014

!  !  !  A  A  AWHO ARE WE

Jews calling for the dismantling of Terrorist state of Israel

!  !  !  A  A  A  AI stand with the Truth

NEW INFO – The shocking truth about 911

!  !  !  A  A  A  a  azionis

9/11 attacks carried out by US, Israel and Saudi Arabia: Expert

The September 11 attacks, also referred to as 9/11 were a series of four coordinated attacks upon the US cities of New York and the Washington, DC which killed nearly 3,000 people.

much of the funding for the al-Qaeda terrorists involved in the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon came from Saudi Arabia.

Dr. Kevin Barrett, a member of the Scientific Panel for the Investigation of 9/11, rejects the official narrative, saying Saudi Arabia is a “puppet of the US and other Western governments.”

“There were no hijackers, there were no hijackings, this has been proved in many, many ways,” Dr. Barrett said on Saturday. “Ten of the 19 guys they blamed were still alive after 9/11,” he added.

Rather, he said, “Saudi intelligence was used by the real perpetrators of Sept. 11 to create a legend, to set up the patsies who would be blamed for this event.”

Dr. Barrett said a “suppressed” report by the Congressional Joint Inquiry of 2002 would shed light on the true perpetrators of the attacks, should it become public. The controversial document, however, has remained classified to this day.

Former Sen. Bob Graham (D-Fla.) who chaired the inquiry at the time has stated that the document includes information “implicating a foreign government,” Dr. Barrett said. “But there has been such a cover-up,” he added.

!  !  !  A  A  a  A  AmLK Complicity

Saudi Arabia and 9/11. Fmr Senator Bob Graham interview

~Jordan Maxwell raw and uncut:

~Let Your Life Be a Friction to Stop the Machine:


!  !  !  A  A  A  AACURE




New Ideas and Possiblities:

This is an exploration into that idea, that we are not the internal, nor the external, but the awareness of both, and the science and theory of how that works.

Spirit Science 22 (Part 5) ~ Vessels of Light

The original concept behind this video was a script written by an old friend of mine named Moises, who wrote a script about Light and its relationship to the container around it. The container being the boundary layer between the internal and the external awareness

!  !  !  A  A  AAA Energy like you

Hidden Human History Hypothesis (Theory)

Our history is not what we think! Over the past few thousand years, we have warped our own history. Our versions of the past has been mistranslated, changed, altered, and skewed to fit our understanding of reality, and completely left our many things that we cannot explain. Today, we are going to look at an alternate version of our history, a version that was recorded across many ancient tablets and artifacts throughout time, which have only recently been uncovered. This story may be a little cosmic, it may not even be true, but you will have to decide that for yourself.

!  !  !  A  A  ADancing Alien


How were the massive 200-ton limestone blocks lifted and stacked five high to build the Sphinx Temple? John Anthony West and a team of seismologists, headed by Boston University’s Professor Robert Schoch, discovered a square cavity directly beneath one of the paws of the Sphinx. According to the experts, it does not appear to be a natural formation. Could this be the Hall of Records of Atlantis? Includes the facts about this amazing mystery along with a fascinating series of spellbinding interviews with researchers, scientists and the best-known most credible ancient authorities in the world today.

!  !  !  A  A  A  ABoy and sacraded geometry

Spirit Science 22 (Part 4) ~ Source Energy

I see a lot of stuff about “Source” from the perspective of the Grand Unified Field, this all encompassing Field of All-ness that is so “Everything” that if I told you otherwise, I’d be lying.

And while this is a wonderful description of “Source”, it certainly leaves almost everything to the imagination, and it doesn’t really give us anything solid or tangible for right here, right now, on this dimension. You know, the physical one that we live on?

!  !  !  A  A  A  AFlower of life

Spirit Science 22 (Part 3) ~ The God Particles

For your consideration, a theory to expand and explore upon our current ideas and understanding about Particle Physics, Quantum Physics, the Unified Field, the Higgs Boson, and Sacred Geometry.


Spirit Science 10 ~ Math of God

Diving back into the Sacred Geometry pool to talk about spirals and sequences that all life strives towards, and at the end we look at the 2nd informational unraveling of the Fruit of Life.

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“Fear of Truth” !


Why We Fear and Hate the Truth

“Men occasionally stumble over the truth, but most of them pick themselves up and hurry off as if nothing ever happened.” – Winston Churchill.

Men occasionally stumble over the truth, but most of them pick themselves up and hurry off as if nothing ever happened. – Winston Churchill.

We fear and hate many of truth’s disclosures because they’re often accompanied by narcissistic insults. What’s a narcissistic insult? It’s a bulletin from reality that, while capable of smartening us up, offends our ego. To avoid such insults, we cling to our illusions and limit our intelligence and inner freedom.

History records how truth has threatened our self-regard. People of the 16th Century ignored the new scientific findings and clung to their ego-gratifying illusion that the earth was the center of the universe. Three centuries later, Charles Darwin delivered a narcissistic insult when he considered the likelihood that man had descended from ancient apes, a prospect that horrified the proud architects of the Industrial Age. Four decades later, another profound narcissistic insult was leveled when Sigmund Freud contended, in The Interpretation of Dreams, that much of our mental and emotional life at any given moment is unconscious. Our ego, that self-centered me that pretends to know us intimately, was gravely insulted. George Bernard Shaw remarked soon afterwards: “All great truths begin as blasphemies.”

read more:

!  !  !  a  fluoride or Fearful


“Fear of Truth”

1. Displaying hesitation or refusal to admit or recognize that something is true, or to accept the concept of truth itself. Usually born out of fear of offending someone or being held accountable to something constant.

2. Dismissal of the existence of absolutes.

3. Degradation of people who profess something as true or untrue.

4. Being willfully in denial. Gives rise to constant skepticism and doubt of everything.

Girlfriend: “Rob may physically and verbally abuse me, but I deserve it. And he may have cheated on me five times, but he said he’d never do it again. I know that he loves me…” Best Friend: “When are you going to wake up from this veritaphobia and dump him? You’ve got to realize that he’s an asshole!”

Philosopher: “Truth is relative. Reality is whatever you want to make it.” Person with common sense: “Stop being such a veritaphobe. Have a little conviction and stand up for something.”

Teacher: “Timmy didn’t really answer this question correctly, but who am I to judge what is or isn’t right. I can’t condemn his perspective of things. I might hurt his feelings.” Other Teacher: “Are you kidding me? 2+2 does not equal 5, no matter how the boy feels about it! You’re being veritaphobic.”
“Fear of Truth” read more:

!  ! ! Powerful words!

Are you irate, irritable and irrational when presented with evidence that goes against your preconceived notions of how the world operates? Looking for a solution to your stress? Join us this week on The Eyeopener as we examine the theory of cognitive dissonance and how it stops people from confronting the uncomfortable truths about the way the world really works.

Confronting Cognitive Dissonance – The Eyeopener

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Cognitive Dissonance Solutions:

!  ! ! media lies

!  !  !  a  fluoride or Fearful

Are you irate, irritable and irrational when presented with evidence that goes against your preconceived notions of how the world operates? Looking for a solution to your stress? Join us this week on The Eyeopener as we examine the theory of cognitive dissonance and how it stops people from confronting the uncomfortable truths about the way the world really works.

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Cognitive Dissonance Solutions:

!  !  !  A  A  A  ADimensions

Confronting Cognitive Dissonance – The Eyeopener

!  !  !  A  A  APowerful words!

A Lesson In Cognitive Dissonance



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